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EB2 Eligibility

Nov 21st 2013
Hi All,

I have a bachelor's degree with over 12 years of experience. I recently joined this employer, so my 12 years were gained with other employers. My job has the following requirement

Requires Bachelor's degree in related field; 3 years of experience in architecture/design in relevant technology disciplines; or any combination of education and experience, which would provide an equivalent background. 8 years of experience in information technology and/or 4 years of experience in health care industry preferred.

Given my experience and the above job requirement am i eligible for EB2


Green card and Work from Home

Nov 20th 2013
Hi, i work directly for a insurance client who holds my H1-B Visa. My wife recently moved to a different state for job reasons. Now i have asked my employer for Work From Home option, so that i can also move to my wife's place. My employer approved of a 60-40 Work From Home arragement, but to be legal i have to pay taxes in both the states(My employer state and my resident state)

My question is more about my Green Card Process. How does the Work from Home option affect my greencard. My employer is currently about to file a PERM in the state where the company is located, so i wanted to make sure i wont have any issues if on my Pay-Stub it shows that i am paying taxes in 2 states.

Any advise is appreciated.


Additional recruitment steps - durations.

Nov 11th 2013
Could anyone tell me what would be the required time duration for the 3 additional recruitment steps in the PERM process ?

Like for e.g. if it is placed on the Employer website, or external job site or if it is placed in a Trade publication.

It makes sense that something that went into a trade publication stays there. But for if it is posted at a job site (employers or otherwise), how long should it be active -> 30 days or 10 days.

Thanks in advance


Oct 20th 2013
Hi. I have a BS degree from USA in Electrical Engineering, and 5 years of work experience in EE in USA. I dont have a job offer now. Will i qualify for EB2? Do i have ti have a sponsorship or i can file it on my own?

How to track PERM application that has been submitted?

Oct 10th 2013
My PERM application was submitted on 4/25/2013. I have not received any updates on that from my employer. When I ask them the status, all they say is they cannot track it and it takes 5 -6 months so all I have to do is wait. Is that true? Isn't there any way that my employer or the lawyer can track and check the status? I'm thinking there must be some site to track that can tell us if it is under review or something? Please let me know. I'm under panic without any status update on my application.

EB2 eligibility?

Oct 10th 2013
I graduated in Jul 2005 with bachelors degree (12+4) and worked in India for 4 years and 7 months. I moved to US on L1b visa with the same employer in 2010 and has 3 yrs & 9 months exp in US. Will I eligible to file under EB2 - will DOL consider my US experience given that it is the same employer who is filing for my green card? Appreciate your help

Am I eligible for EB2 category?

Oct 9th 2013

My employer is going to file my Green Card process. I have a question with respect to my eligibility on EB2 Category.
I am from India and I have completed BSc Computer Science (Regular) and MCA (Distance Education, Bharathidasan University). No breaks in between BSC & MCA too. I have 10+ years of IT experience.

Am I eligible for EB2 filing?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Work from home -problem in GC processing?

Oct 2nd 2013
I am currently on H1b visa.I work from office 2 days a week and rest i work from home. Also I live in one state and work in another state.I am paying taxes for the state where i live.
So will this situation affect GC processing? My employer is hesitating to do GC for me because their lawyer has said that there will be too much complication in such case.
Can anyone please explain me if there will be complication and if so what are those?

Thanks in advance.


PERM Denial - Co Review Query - Need Suggetion

Sep 22nd 2013
7+ Experience in IT. H1B 2.5 Years left. My PERM was filed in Aug 12, EB3. Got Audit in Nov 12. Got denial in July 13. My employer is not sharing the audit/denial reason with me saying it is company confidential.

Now my employer has filed Motion of review with CO ( certifying officer ) in July/Aug 13. They say this process is expected
to take 18-36 months on an average.

1) Is it really takes this long, 18-36 months for this review? How many chances ( roughly percentage ) to get this denial concert to approval?
2) Is it legally allowed for my employer to start fresh and file PERM again? Is it worth forcing my employer on this ( Not sure employer will agree as they are not very supportive). Will new PERM result may get affected by the current denial?
3) Is it beneficial if I change the job and my new employer file fresh Perm/GC? will this current denial
may affect new company's PERM/GC?

I am really confused what to do here. Should I wait or should I start searching for new job?
Any help/suggestion would be very appreciated.

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