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UK citizen marrying US citizen

Jan 10th 2014
I recently got engaged and my fiancee is from the USA and we want to live there. I've read a few posts about starting proceedings to get a green card etc. and my fiancee has been researching too. I was wondering if people would suggest getting an attorney to help with the legal forms etc?

Questions about Advance Parole (I-512)

Jan 9th 2014
I was told that you need to get Advance Parole if you want to leave the US during your green card application, because if you leave the US without it your i-485 application will be considered abandoned. So I was wondering when during the green card application progress can you apply for Advance Parole? Is it after the completion of the biometrics appointment?

Has anyone applied for AP before? What is the process like and how long did it take?

ps. I'm currently on H4 status, if that makes a difference.

Thanks you advance.

Any January 2013 filers? Lets track

Jan 9th 2014
Lets track the Jan 2014 filers. Post your timeline and status.

About dependent children and it's application process

Jan 9th 2014

I have some questions about application of a dependent child. When the child was 20 yrs old when he entered the US to obtain H4 and file in the documents. But he subsequently turned 21 as he was staying in the US. I was told that since he turned 21, he'd have to stay in the US until the application gets to a certain stage, or he will lose his H4 status and be dropped out from the application.

So I was wondering at what exact point can he leave the US, is it after the biometrics appointment is complete? Or some other time.

Thank you

What proof do I need to remove conditions. I751

Jan 9th 2014
Hi, I'm new here and was wondering if you guys could help me. Anyways I feel that the documentation I have is not enough. I got the tax papers from 11,12 and we are waiting for 13 w2. Car insurance on both our names, car title (we only have 1 car) lease agreements from a couple of years, bank statements, water, electric and phone bills. Somehow I feel this is not enough.

I 130 petition and AOS I-485

Jan 7th 2014
My girlfriend overstayed her tourist visa before we got married in November 2013. From what I know, I will need to file form I-130 (completed by me) and the form I-485 (AOS - completed with by her) and send it to the Chicago lockbox. Can someone confirmed that this is the process?

Another question I have is:

My girlfriend who is my wife now, has a daughter in the Philippined and is 7 years old. Who can petition for her? what form should I use? When can the petition be filed? etc... If someone can walk me through this process also, it will be greatly appreciated.

GC to daughter of US Citizen

Jan 7th 2014
Hello all, my father is getting his citizenship this year and I'm looking into ways of getting my GC through him.

I'm unmarried, over 21 years old, living in the US illegally for a few years. Is there a way for me to apply for a GC through him? How would that work and how long would it take for me to get it?

Thank you so much for any info you can provide. God bless.

I-130: proving family relationship

Jan 7th 2014
I am a U.S. citizen and am sponsoring my spouse for a Greencard. From the instructions for I-130, under "What documents do you need to prove family relationship", part 1 (spouse), I'm assuming I need all of A, B, C, and D and either E, F, G, H, I, or J, correct? In place of A, could I use a marriage license?

I-130 question #21, last address together, I put none. Do i need an explanation attachment?

Jan 6th 2014
For question #21 of the I-130 form : "If filing for your spouse, give last address at which you lived together",

I unfortunately am not living with my wife.. she lives about 4 hours away and has a work visa, and the reason why I'm applying is so she would be able to move to my city and start living together. I did write a short attachment letter explaining why, do you guys and gals think its a good idea to attach this ? Is there a format i need to use to attach a letter ?

Dear Immigration Officer,
My wife and I have not yet have a residence together, however we intend to do so in the near future. My wife, ] is currently working in xxxxxx under an I-Visa and I’m currently residing in xxxxxxx for a job and part time school. Due to her visa, she could not relocate anywhere else to live with me, as it would invalidate her legal status in the United States. We are happily married, and we regularly visit each other, and the purpose of this application is to bring us together so we can continue our journey

Thank you everyone !

GC holder plans to marry a Canadian

Jan 6th 2014
Hello guys, I needed some advice on my situation here. I am a Naturalized Canadian citizen( Born in India). Me and my ex-wife got GC through my Employer at the end of 2010. I got divorced in 2012. After this, I have a Girlfriend in Canada who is a naturalized Canadian ( Born in Russia).
We are already talking about marriage plans; and I am wondering about the best way we can stay together while I still have two more years before applying for a US citizenship.
Here are a few possible Options that I can think of -

Option 1). She tries to get into a School here in US in the same city where I live. I believe, that would be a F1(student) visa. Of course, she was not very keen on going as a Full time student after gap of like 5 years or so. Plus, she needs to maintain her F1 status throughout her stay here and also pay international student fees are a few flip sides of F1 status. Is F1 the best choice to try?If it works out, is it ok to marry in US after a while ? Or we must wait until I apply for a US citizenship?

Option 2). She can come over to visit me in US like any Canadian citizen do. How long can she stay(Before marriage ) if she flies with a return ticket? Can she mention that she has a Boyfriend in US as far as we do not get married until my citizenship?

Option 3). Based on answer of option 2, here is another option. Does it get difficult to bring her to US on visit if I drive her into US from Canada border? As she doesn’t have a car, I need to accompany her and we need to probably mention that we are going through relationships.Can we say that we are still dating, and so not really sure of a marriage yet?. But this might make the border officials suspicious whether we might be getting married in near future. And if we get officially married during one of her visits down the line, does it mean it would put restrictions on her future travel ?

Please try to answer as many questions as you can. This will very much help us in deciding the course of actions. We intend to stay together as much as possible, while I wait for my US citizenship. Thanks a lot in advance..

Have a 7mo old baby, trying to immigrate spouse from canada asap.

Jan 6th 2014
My husband and I have the immigration papers all ready. I am applying for spouse outside of US. I am in Colorado and he is in Canada right now. What is the timeline for him being able to come, work and live? He doesn't want to miss too much of our daughter's life...

Can i quit job while GC is processing?

Jan 6th 2014
M on L1 visa, just applied for GC through marriage to USC.

my question is can i quit my job, while the application is processing? what will be my status then?

can i travel upon quitting and will I be allowed back in? provided I get Advance Parole prior to leaving while application is processing?

thanks in advance.

Green Card through marriage

Jan 6th 2014
Hi everyone,

I'm a US citizen living in Ireland. I plan on moving along with my wife and two kiddies back to the states within the next couple months. The children already have their citizenship but my wife hasn't applied for a Green Card and I haven't submitted the I-130 form yet either. If we apply for her green card outside the country can we travel to the states and complete the process there? From what I've found, it looks like no.

The other option is to apply when we get to the states. The only thing I'm worried about is if we travel to the states with one way tickets the border won't let her get through. Is this the case?

Thanks for any help.

Marraige based GC inquiry!

Jan 6th 2014
I have applied for marriage based Green card in last November 2013 and it is pending.My spouse who is working full time is my sponsor(filled I 864).We both live in Florida.Recently,I have a chance of getting a good job in Texas and thinking if I move to Texas before GC interview what complicity may occur in getting my GC. If my spouse moves along with me and left job then evidence of sponsorship will be in trouble.And,if we live in different place i guess,that is also not good for GC. What is your advice/suggestion regarding this?I appreciate any suggestion.

Family based immigration, list of docs checklist

Jan 6th 2014
I'm helping a friend file for family based immigration. He is in US on H1B and his wife is a US citizen.
My first question is should we only submit I-130/I-485/I-765? Do the forms I865,325A,693 also have to be submitted along with? Also, do the supporting docs have to be submitted along with the application later?
Kindly help me clarify/find out what I'm missing:

Here is a list of docs I have so far:
I-130 Wife/Sponsor(who is a citizen)
I-485 Husband applying for GC(who is on H1B)
I-765 Husband applying for GC(who is on H1B)
I-864 Affidavit of support ----> Who should fill this out, the citizen or the GC applicant?
I-325A Biographic Info ----> Who should fill this out, the citizen or the GC applicant?
I-693 Medical examination ----> Submit with application or after the call for interview?
I-1145 e notification of acceptance ----> Who should fill this out, the citizen or the GC applicant?

Supporting docs:
Cover letter stating case, courtship period etc
Marriage certificate
Passport both
Bank Statements
IT returns
Job letter
Work permit

My sister is a US citien - Can me and my parents join her?

Jan 6th 2014
My sister is a US citizen - Can me and my parents join her?

I'm a South African citizen aged 39. My sister is married to an American and have US citizenship.

Can she sponsor me and my parents to come and live in the US. I'm lucky in a sense that I'm financially ok because I own an Internet based business that I can move anywhere and run from anywhere in the world. I will probably buy a house there where my parents will be living with me until I can help them buy a property for themselves.

Out of status, applying family based immigration

Jan 6th 2014

My friend recently got married. His wife is a US citizen and he has entered the states legally(on H1B). His marriage is registered in the US. However, since entering he lost his job and his H1B application has been revoked by the company. Technically he is out of status for a few days now. My question is should he file for adjustment of status(I-485) and EDA(I-765) along with I-130? Or should he leave the US and wait for I-130 to be processed?

Check List for Sibling GC by US Citizen

Jan 6th 2014
My wife, a US citizen, is thinking about applying for Green Card for her sister's family who are currently in China.
Does anyone have a checklist for sibling GC application?
Can her sister and her family still apply for visitor's visas to visit US while their GC is pending?


Mr Chels

Jan 5th 2014
Hi I have a 10 yr visitor visa...my mom is a permanent resident eligible for citizenship this march 2014...can I travel nd remain in de country if my mom sponsor after I'm in de country nd also file AOS..is this possible wht r my chances kindly help

Request for Evidence Involving StepDaughter on I-130

Jan 4th 2014

I received a RFE today regarding my I-130 for my wife and my step-daughter.

Item 1
USCIS wanting proof of a divorce between my wife and my step-daughter's father (who is in Canada). The problem is 1) they were never married, they were only dating as teenagers. 2) My wife has not seen him in ten years and does not know how to contact him.

Anyone have any idea what I can do in this situation?
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