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Newborn son

Jan 9th 2014
Greeting people.
I for once have a question:

Like the title suggest I am a new father, my son was born on October 17th but we had already applied for the DV 2015 and we put 2 people without children (because a picture is required and the boy wasn't born yet).
Would it be a problem in case we happen to be selected?

God I pray that we finally win, it is just too freaking cold here in Canada... The side walks are literally ice rinks (2-3 inch of deep frozen ice).

Asia CN

Jan 9th 2014
I thank as the case numbers is very slow in the first months >>I think that the expected jump in the cn will be very large ???

An interesting detail in February VB

Jan 9th 2014

Last month and this month Uzbekistan's cutoff didn't change and remain at 13900.
I think this never happened before.

In previous years some countries like Uzbekistan were having bigger share of visas.
This is because they had more winners than the other countries.
While selecting 140k+ winners maybe just maybe Kentucky's intention was a more equal distribution among the countries and they selected more winners to distribute the visas somehow more equally between participant countries.

I dont have any proof to support my thesis. But if I am right we will be seeing some happy high case number from the countries those have less winners.

Somehow this lottery program is about diversity right? May be they try to have a more diverse outcome. What you think about this?

February 2014 numbers released!!!

Jan 8th 2014
Africa - 25,000 (Except: Egypt -18,300; Ethiopia-24,700; Nigeria - 9,400)
Asia - 4,325
Europe - 20,050 (Except: Uzbekistan-13,900)
North America (Bahamas) - 8
Oceania - 800
South America and the Caribbean - 985

Code: http://www.travel.state.gov/visa/bulletin/bulletin_6242.html What do you think?

Visa expiry vs Medical file expiry!

Jan 8th 2014
Hello everybody,

I was wondering, since (normally) all DV winners get issued a visa valid for 6 months, are the dates really tied to the validity of the medical exam results?
If (for instance) a visa is valid until early June, can the holder freely land in the US in Mai? Is it 100% risk free? OR does one have to make sure the medical file within the envelope is/will be valid for the whole 6 month period?
PS: If the validity of (all) issued civil documents in the original country is 3 months, does one have to check if it's also the case of medical file? (Consulate does inform you that you are allowed to travel prior to the date indicated in the visa - No medical file issue mentioned).

Your help & opinion is appreciated.

Thank you.

Any Update on Visa Bulletin?

Jan 8th 2014
Hy friends any update on Visa Bulletin?

DV13 stats released!!!

Jan 7th 2014

They hit 51k worldwide! Looks pretty much like DV10 and DV11.

DV2014 AFRICA-Statistical (using CEAC DATA)

Jan 6th 2014
Cairo post
October 2013-December 2013:
No. cases No. cases with families Visa issued Visa refused Ready AP
385 1042 825 18 110 89

Waiting for response from Kentucky CC

Jan 6th 2014
-Hi to everyone, i want to know how long does it takes for Kentucky CC to response to my case, as i am a Diversity Immigrant Visa Program winner for the fiscal year 2014, they received two forms i sent to them on November, 12, 2013 but till now is no update, what should i do? My case number is to low 65xx that makes me a bit worried. Also i want to know if KCC inform me by e-mail or by post? Thank you in advance.

dv visa validity upon stamping

Jan 5th 2014
I entered the us, can I reenter the us with the same visa without having the GC ?
Also can I change GC delivery address after entering the us ?

do a interview in another country

Jan 5th 2014
i have been selected for the greencard,i have started the process in malaysia and my interview has been already sheduled but now i have to return to my country because i have finished my study in malaysia so i would like to know if is it possible to do the interview in my country?

Leaving US without the plastic Green Card?

Jan 5th 2014
Hi guys,
I hope everyone is fine and doing well. First of all, I am extremely sorry that I haven't been able to show up on the forum and help you guys. I am really sorry, I got so busy with life. Please forgive me. Now let's come to my question. Despite all my efforts, I couldn't get my plastic green card delivered to me here in New York city. There were some problems with my address in US, and USCIS hasn't been able to successfully deliver the green card to me. I have paid my green card, and my green card has been produced by USCIS. But, unfortunately, due to the address problems, it hasn't been delivered to me yet. The problem is that I have to leave US in the next 5 days, and go back home and attend my final year examinations. My examination cannot be delayed, so I must go there and attend it. What do you guys think, can I leave US without my plastic green card? And with my green card not with me, will it create a problem for me to get back to US? My DV Immigrant visa clearly says that for one year it is a temporary green card. Can I travel with this immigrant visa, and get back to US without problems. I have already purchased a two way ticket. I will leave US, and then get back after exactly 10 days? What do you guys think, is this step of mine very risky? I don't want to risk my US permanent residence. I will be looking forward to your wonderful and helpful replies.

Thank you so much, and God bless all of you guys. I wish you have a smooth and successful interview

Could rheumatoid arthritis be a cause of visa refusal?

Jan 4th 2014
Could rheumatoid arthritis be a cause of visa refusal?

Next month's visa bulletin: February 2014 (Coming Soon)

Jan 3rd 2014
why this month no any guess for this month simon where are you?

DV14 Asia Prediction - Discussion (Using CEAC data)

Jan 2nd 2014
Prediction of the case # cut off for Asia
Nepal - Case # (14k-15k)
Iran - Case # (10k)
Others - Case # 20k - 23k

Prediction for visa issued
Nepal - 3500
Iran -2000-2500
Others - 3000 - 3500

1. Asia region quota is 9k.
2. Nepal hit country limit by 10-11k, so case # after 11k held by Nepalese will consider as holes.
3. Iran will not hit their country limit due to high AP rate. In DV13, Iran can hit their country limit because it has 6k out of 16k selectees but in DV14, it has 23k selectees so when AP returned back to pool might be use for others.
4. After 15k case #, it might only have 300 selectees per 1000 case # with the assumption of the selection will ignore any Iran and Nepal after both country has reached 6k+ selectees.

Other predictions or ideas are welcome.

Returning resident visa eligibility???

Jan 2nd 2014

My name is Marion and I am French. I got my green card through the lottery a few years ago and then moved to NYC for two years. After those two years, I was honestly tired of NYC (working two jobs to pay for my rent was a just a bit intense lol) and decided I wanted to try to study in Australia. I then moved back to France, got a job for a few months and when I finally had enough money to pay for my school enrolment, i moved to Australia. I now have a diploma and would like to move back to the states. BUT i was stupid enough not to apply for a re entry permit prior to me leaving the USA and I have now been out of the country for nearly two years

I am moving back to France next month and just booked an eligibility interview at the american embassy in paris. But Im really scared as I dont think i qualify for a returning resident visa. indeed, I "chose" to get a job in France to pay for the australian college and then chose to go study in Australia for a year. So that does not really belong to "reasons beyong my control". I am an honest person and simply wants a chance to go back to the states after two years of living abroad

what do you think? what are my chances? should i just give up and not show up to the interview?
I emailed an immigration lawyer but im pretty sure he's gonna want to charge me 2 grands to answer my question lol

thanks a lot for those of you who will answer! :)

ceac updated

Jan 1st 2014
Ceac database updated with DV 2014 data :


Happy New Year!!!

Dec 31st 2013
Happy New Year to all.
2013 has been a year of transition for my family and I, and many of you on the same journey of changes. 2014 will bring about some exciting changes and challenges. I'm sure we will support one another through whatever may be about to happen.

For 2014 I hope to see a lot of happy stories of success and I really hope for few stories of sadness. Fingers crossed!

How to resend the corrected forms?

Dec 31st 2013
If anyone need to resend the corrected DS-230 form after finding the minor mistake in previously send form, is it necessary to fill all the fields in newly send form or is it okay to fill just field where the mistake has occured?

The correct form can also be send via email as attachment , right?

Class A or B (TB) Req. ATTN of USPHS at POE (is 1 week enough)

Dec 31st 2013
Hello people.

I got my visa for 3 months and it writes .Class A or B (TB) Req. ATTN of USPHS at POE

I had the sputum test in Ankara and it was negative.

I am going to buy my plane ticket in 3-4 days. But i am not sure if 1 week entrance in the USA is enough. We are planning to go there permanently in May or June. What we thought was entering the US for 1 week, turn back to Turkey. And my wife's relatives will be sending our Green Cards to Turkey via courier service. And go to the usa permanently in May or June

But will 1 week be enough for me with this on my visa "Class A or B (TB) Req. ATTN of USPHS at POE"

Ps : My visa is valid till late of February. Planning to be in the USA between 3-10 February.

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