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Help with fellowship and green card

Nov 11th 2013
Hello everyone, I am an img from india, in my final year of anesthesia residency on a H1b visa graduating on June 2014 and i ll have 2 more years of h1b visa left after june 2014.I want to do a one year fellowship but all of anesthesia fellowships fill one year in advance.even if i apply this year, i ll get a fellowship only for 2015-16 which will be my last year of h1b. my biggest question is if i dont get fellowship for 2015-16, what r my options to do fellowship on a h1b visa while green card in process?...thank you...

Trouble at the end of J-1 waiver completion

Sep 21st 2013
My 3 years of J-1 waiver will end next month. My current employer wants me to sign contract for 3 more years WITH Non-Compete included in it.

I took 7 weeks off in 1st year, 4 weeks off in 2nd year and no time off in last year. one more month to go and I haven't taken any time off in 3rd year. This makes it a total of 11 weeks off in 3 years.

I don't think state will ask me to do more time (as I took 7 weeks off in 1st year) but I am taking no time off in 3rd year with now I being in last month of my J1 waiver completion.

I have my H1-B extended for 6 more months. If I don't sign contract with my employer, he will cancel my H1-b the day my waiver ends.

I am worried he may not sign my paperwork for J-1 completion if I don't sign contract with him for next 2-3 years WITH non-compete included.

I want to be with him for couple of weeks after completing my waiver, so I can get letter of completion from the state saying I have fulfilled my J-1 waiver obligations.

My H1-b started on October 15( that's how it came) but I started working on October 21 (immediately after receiving my H1-B approval) and if I don't sign the contract my employer will cancel my H1-b on October 21.

I am really worried about this scenario.

Any input from anyone.
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