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Updated: 3 years 51 weeks ago

have US conslate any problem with KHAN(name)?

Jan 8th 2014
hi all,
plzzz help me..
i have faced some problem during my b1/b2 visa interview.

my full name is Muhammad Adnan Khan.
khan is my sir name... VO draw a circle on my sir name KHAN..
i answer all the VO questions in correctly but
VO refuse my visa without any reason...and give me 214 b page.

i dont understand what happend.

plzzz tell me what is the reason...
waiting ur ssugestions

B2 Extend of Stay reasons

Jan 4th 2014
Dear forum members,

I was previously on F1 for university I was attending. The F1 was expired in 2011 and I also didn't have the financial means to continue with the degree so I went back home and started working back in Taiwan for two years. I contacted the university and said in July 2013 I had gathered enough financial means to finish my degree but can not provide that much to gain an I-20. So the school told me I can come with B2 visa instead and finish my degree that way. I did and graduated in September 2013.

Upon my graduation, I've been staying with my boyfriend and being able to see him again after two years apart.
I checked my B2 status and the stamp on my passport says my stay is expiring in Jan 18, 2014. Coming up in two weeks. I'm going to apply for B2 Extend of Stay, but as I read the I-539 instruction, I'm confused and need help on the written statement part:

A. The reasons for your request:

I wish to stay with my boyfriend longer. And even if I have to leave the US in two weeks, I do not have the money to do so. As I'm on B2 visa, I'm not allowed to work in the state, and my boyfriend had been helping me with living means of course. I've read some other threads on this board and some had mentioned about attach bank statement along with the I-539. But the instruction didn't say we need to do that? Did it? What for?

B. Why your extended stay would be temporary, including what arrangements you have made to depart from the United States:

Well, I think it will be temporary because the longer I stay here, the longer I can not work, ie no income, and that is no good. In terms of arrangements on departure, I currently don't have the finance to do so, and therefore I don't really know how to state that here?

C. Any effect the extended stay may have on your foreign employment or residency.

I'm not very sure what it is trying to ask here. The only thing I can think of is that I had to quit my architecture firm job back home to come finish my school and stay with my boyfriend a little while. My boss told me he wants me back, but as long as I'm in the states, I can not work back in the firm. Is this the kind of statement they are looking for?

Bottom line is, as the Jan 18 coming really close, I'm really nervous about the applying for I-539. I'm nervous about whether my reasoning is good enough for them to grant my extension or not and that I don't have the money to purchase airplane ticket either.


Stamp on B2 upon arrival

Dec 27th 2013
On Dec-24-my father arrived on B2 visa. The immigration officer at Newark airport viewed his ticket, and wrote B2 on the arrival stamp, but didn't stamp any date. During his last visit the 6-month date was noted on the arrival stamp, however didn't happen this time. He was not given an I-94 form during this time or the previous time. Our concern is that he should not be questioned when he visits again. Could anyone please advise.

B1/B2 visa while having filed a petition with USCIS

Dec 23rd 2013
Here is my situation:

My grand-mother and my uncle are US citizens. My grand-mother is currently back home. She has applied for green card for my mom in 2005. We have not heard back from USCIS. So, we don not know if the file has been lost/approved/denied, since my grand-mother is not able to follow up the case and they do not release any information to anyone else other than my mom and my grand ma. I am living here in US on F1 visa. Now my mom is completely disappointed by getting her green card sometime soon and we are going to apply for a non-immigrant visa B1/B2 for her. Her intention is not to come here and stay. She is planning to come here for just a visit. Is there any way that we can cancel her petition with USCIS to show that she is interested in immigration visa anymore. In DS 160 it is asking if she has ever filed a petition with USCIS or not? I know I have to tell the truth. There is a box where I can put some explanation on the situation. Any advice on what type of explanation can help her get B1/B2 visa?

B1/B2 Visa approved (Hyderabad Consulate)

Dec 22nd 2013
Thanks to everyone for sharing their recent experiences. Here are some of the questions asked

1-Why do you want to go to US?
2-What do you do here?
3-What is your salary?
4-Who is sponsoring the trip?
5-What does your sponsor do in the US?
6-Do you want to settle down in US?
7-To wife...What do you do?
8-To child....Which class you are studying and school?

Кто в телефонах

Dec 14th 2013
Хочу выбрать на новый год себе небольшой подарок
А именно мобильный телефон. Немного порыскав понял, что лучше купить и пришел к выводу, что хочется купить мобильный смартфон и обязательно на 2 сим карты. Правда потом все-таки замучался и запутался и решил посоветоваться.
Хочется услышать мнение уважаемых форумчан что все-таки лучше брать. Может кто уже пользуется чем-то?
Можно ли доверять китайским телефонам на 2 сим карты и покупать их? или лушче посмотреть в сторону оригинальных самсунгов и нокий? или может вообще взять виндовсфон?

Place peppers on burner in behalf

Dec 14th 2013
Place peppers on burner in behalf of several minutes as manner many as skins blister

Applying for tourist visa while an engineering student - is it risky?

Dec 5th 2013

My brother-in-law is final year engineering student in India. We want him to apply for his tourist Visa to US along with my in-laws. I am not sure what supporting documents he needs (besides the proof of sponsorship from me and my wife) from his end that will show his intention not to migrate to US.

Please advise. Also any idea how risky it is for him to apply for a tourist visa. He is 21. Me and my wife are both US citizens.



DS-160 Have you ever been denied visa line item question

Dec 2nd 2013

I am trying to apply B2 Visa for 2nd for my Mother whose application was denied a year ago. While filling out DS-160, there is a section to explain "Have you ever been denied visa".
Any suggestion as to what need to be filled out there. She received 214(b). Should we write the denial reason by the consulate (she received only the standard 214(b) form no other reason)
Thank you for your time.

B2 Visa holder passport got damaged.

Nov 30th 2013

My mother has came to USA on visitors visa, yesterday her passport got damaged by water from which her photo in her passport 1st page got shaded, but her photo in USA Visa and rest of all her details are perfectly visible. Her passport in going to expire in 2021 and her USA visa is going to expire in 2016. She has to leave to India in couple of days.

1. My question is "Will she have any problem while going back to India, so that she can apply new passport in India".
2. Can I apply for re-issuing passport for her in USA?

Please suggest.

I will be very thankful to you.

Class B possession charge… Can i get into USA?

Nov 28th 2013
I have a recent criminal charge for Possession of class B drugs (cannabis).
I was fined £145 and did 40 hours of community service.
I soon fly to Indonesia to work as a free diving instructor for 3-6 months but would like to travel to Washington in the North of USA to see a friend after my job in Indonesia.
I am well spoken with a degree in Marine bIology and I am a qualified free diving instructor.
I am 29 years old. I would be entering the country with plenty of money in my bank to spend there.
What are my chances of being granted a tourist or work visa for USA?

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Nov 27th 2013
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strong ties for mother?

Nov 26th 2013
Hi y'all I am trying to bring my mom to visit here in the US and I am helping gathering information for her though she'll apply on her own as in finance herself during her stay here about 3-4 weeks. She's a housewife but my dad let her take care of the money good.gif

So here are the evidence I have so far her to gather and please provide more inputs if you may.

Bank account under her name in her home country showing that she can support herself during her visit.
House deed under her name and my father's name.
Land or property investment under her name and my father's name.
She's currently house wife (I know this is bad evidence).
I am the only one of the family member that resides in the USA. My four all grown up sisters are in my country with their own family. My father is still alive and their grand children all there.
This evidence is what I am not comfortable with. My mom had heart surgery before and she does her check up routine at local hospital with her heart doctor. By submitting this evidence, I am afraid the consular suspects her health and decline her visa?

Any thing else that I am missing or need to subtract or add? Thanks in advanced! Are these strong enough?

B2 to Green card

Nov 20th 2013
Dear Friends,

Need your advice. I live in Dubai and I am holding B2 visa (10 year) and I got married in US to GC holder in 2012 when I had travelled to US on same tourist visa. My Spouse has received I 131 approval 2 months back. Now I want to go for good to US and apply for I485 AOS accordingly. My queries are:

1) Can I buy 1 year ticket or I should get 3/6 months air ticket. What is a safe bet?
2) Should I inform my intent of AOs at Immig at entry point in US.
3) Is it ok to show GC applicant approvals at entry point. I dont want to go through consular processing as it will take time.

Pls advise me what to do. Thank you so much for your time!

Want to accompany my husband to his business trip

Nov 16th 2013

i have a question. my husband is about to apply for B1 visa. He has some invitation from US company to visit. i want to apply with him. do i need any invitation or can i just apply saying that i want to join my husband. i have sufficient funds in our joint account. i am working in permanent capacity in a renowned organization in my home country.


B1/B2 valid for work in USA

Nov 16th 2013
Greetings !!

MY brothrer got B1/B2 visa for 10 years. I am thinking about bringing him to USA, I am US citizen.

Is he eligible to work in US to do simple jobs with visitors visa?

I have the option to file him Green card while he in in USA, can I do that?

While the GC is in process, he can work on visit visa?


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B1 visa to visit promoter company ( public sector company in India)

Nov 6th 2013
Hi, I work for an Financial company here in India, we are a privately owned company promoted by a public sector company which has its offices all over the world including the Unites States.

Here is my query my company wants to tap into our US client base as our promoter company ( different company ) has a decent presence there, so we would like to cross sell our services to the customers of promoter company like we do here in India. I would go have meetings and discussions with the promoter company's staff and educate them about our products and how to cross sell those products to their customers.

Now could you tell me if this planned visit falls under B1 category and if it does do I need a letter from the promoter company in the US to invite me or do I take take an invitation letter from the promoters head office here in india.

Visitor Visa - illegally stay in the US

Nov 4th 2013

As you can see I am new to the forums, I have a couple of questions that I am hoping to get resolved here. I will start with the little I know of the case. My mom is trying to come over to the USA on a visitors visa, the problem that I see with that is that she was illegally here from 2000-2005 and left on her own will along with my dad. She EWI on 2000 and was caught at Phoenix AZ, she was then returned back to MX the same day and she returned the next day. She spent all those 5 years here without working or doing anything illegal other than her stay. As mentioned she is trying to visit us but this time she wants to do it right, she is not planning on denying her previous stay or anything but I was wondering if it's a good idea to even apply if she is going to be denied anyways due to the previous stay. She is a housewife and my dad would not be coming with her, they have the means to pay for all the trip on their own. Another thing that might worth mentioning is that some of us (her kids) are here legally and others illegally. What do you guys think Should she apply?
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