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visa waitting

Jan 8th 2014
pls help me i got a bmb no but i don't no when i got a nvc case no

Getting cash reimbursements while on an F1 visa

Jan 7th 2014
Two Asian men I know are in the USA in an F1 VISA. They occasionally drive people to places and get cash reimbursements for gas and car wear & tear.

Are reimbursements okay to accept while on an F1 visa ? When does accepting cash become illegal or ill-advised ?

Getting married while girlfriend is on an F1 VISA

Dec 31st 2013
My Chinese girlfriend (for the past two years) is on an F-1 visa and attending school full time.

1. Are we permitted to get married and she stays on her F1 visa ?

2. Are we required to notify "immigration" of this marriage ?

3. What happens after she finishes school in four years and we will have been married for over two years ?

Financial Documents needed to apply for F2 visa while primary visa holder is on OPT?

Dec 24th 2013

I'm a F-1 visa holder and working on OPT currently. I am applying for a dependant visa (F2) for my wife. My college generated a new I-20 for me and added an additional amount of 3000 $ as expenses for the dependant. So, the total amount shown in my I-20 is 33000. So, when applying for a dependant visa ,

1. Do I have to show financial statements showing that I can cover expenses for the whole amount shown in my I-20 or only for the additional amount (3000$)?

2. I have taken statments from a bank as proof of financial ability while applying for my F1 visa. NOw, can I show my paystubs as proof of financial capability ?

3. If I am required to show proof of financial ability for the whole 33000 $, can I submit a statement that my dad would sponsor this amount? Though my pay stubs would cover this whole amount, I do not have sufficient amount in my bank account now.

Thank you.

In case of unauthorized work off campus on SSN on F1

Dec 18th 2013

I did some unauthorized work off campus for 10 hours a week on my SSN for about three months. I was not aware that I need CPT for part time work as well. Should I file tax returns? What are the consequences? Is there a fine I can pay to adjust status?


Failed to graduate but OPT got approved| Please advice| Urgent !!

Dec 17th 2013

My OPT got approved yesterday but I failed to graduate. I was enrolled part-time as I only had 6 credits to complete. Unfortunately I received a D grade in one of the subjects.

According to the rules on ice.gov, a student under such circumstances can work part time on OPT while completing the course work. Once the course work is finished, the student may start working full-time. I only have 2 credits left and I can easily complete this next semester while working part-time.

My question is, if I start working part-time, will I still be eligible to apply for the STEM extension? No point related to this is mentioned in the policy document. Also, since I was enrolled part time for the fall 2013 semester, will I need to register full time next sem or can I register for the required amount of credits I need to graduate?

Also, has anyone been in such a situation before? If yes, can you please share your experience and give me some advice.

Thanks in advance

Medical Marijuana and F1 Visa

Dec 16th 2013
Quick question, say if I were to apply for a medical marijuana recommendation because of my back pains and make purchases at dispensaries. (I live in California)

I know that my information is kept at a database, but does the DHS go through those records?

Will this affect my F-1 visa status? If I leave the country, am I going to be able to re-enter. Also, will I be able to apply for a F-1 visa ever again?

Thanks a lot.

Can a F1 via student apply for a Green Card

Dec 15th 2013

I have a sister who is a US Citizen, and I am an F1 student, wondering if it would be possible to apply for green card through my sister, and how?

Thank you


EAD lost in the mail?

Dec 11th 2013
I applied for my OPT and on October 30th I received this e-mail:

Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production

On October 30, 2013, we mailed the new card directly to the address we have on file. You should receive your new card within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.
Then, on November 1 I received this e-mail:

Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production

The USPS reported that your new card was delivered on November 1, 2013, directly to the address we had on file. The USPS tracking number assigned was #DCN. You can use this number at <a href="https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input?origTrackNum=#DCN" target="_blank">www.usps.com</a> to view the detailed tracking information recorded by USPS for the mailed card. If you did not receive your card, or have any questions, please call our customer service at 1-800-375-5283.
As you can see the tracking number is invalid and it doesn't work at all. Of course I didn't receive anything in the mail despite watching it vigilantly.

On Nov 4, I received this e-mail:

Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production

On October 30, 2013, we mailed the new card directly to the address we have on file. You should receive your new card within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.
Of course at this point I'm confused beyond belief, but I chose to wait for them and hope for the best. Once it past 30 days (my friend told me his took six weeks so I thought this is kind of normal) I got anxious and called them. They said that the records said that it's been delivered, and if it's lost in the mail I have to reapply.

The thing is, my OPT already active from Oct 24 but I still can't get employed without the EAD card itself.

And then I applied for an address change because I'm moving out of town, and I received this e-mail:

Your Case Status: Initial Review

On December 10, 2013, your address was changed relating to the I765, APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION that you filed. Please check our website at www.uscis.gov for further updates on your case. Please wait until the end of normal processing time before calling customer service at 1-800-375-5283 for live assistance.
Can someone help me understand what's going on? I'm quite at loss at what to do.

OPT i20 date mismatch

Dec 3rd 2013
I applied from STEm opt. I worked for 2 employers from Jan 6th to june 24th and other from July 8th to present. I was asked for RFE to provide 90 day unemployement prove. I am getting all the docs ready. I saw that in my i20, date of employement ending of employer a is june 30th not 24th. I have all docs from both employers and I am legally not unemployed more than 30 days more. but in my i20 and sevis I have wrong end date of termination of employement . What should I do? The error is due to my DSO.

Possible F2A Retrogression

Dec 2nd 2013

I had filed an I-130 petition for my spouse (category F2A, green card based sponsor). Her processing is almost complete and we have submitted all the related supporting docs and waiting for interview to be scheduled by NVC at local embassy. My wife is not in US and will have to appear for interview in local embassy. (this is not AOS case related query)

My question is if her interview date is scheduled by NVC and later retrogression is announced will she be affected by retrogression or not?



nephew to come to study

Nov 30th 2013
Hello, my nephew wants to come here to study because the university here is much better and his parents can afford it. But 5 years ago, I petition my sister to come here on Green card, and on the application she lists her husband and my nephew as her child (they are not here yet). Now that my nephew wants to come here to study, will that cause any issues? Can we check that box that ask "have someone petition you..? " as yes?

OPT conundrum

Nov 13th 2013

My Indian friend joined Purdue University in Fall 2007. He found that having missed taking a required course, he would not be able to graduate on time at the end of Spring 2011. He traveled home to India in the summer of 2011, and as a result of a massive oversight realized that his I-20 had expired while he was on the way to the airport to fly back to the US. He returned home, and found that he would not be able to make it to Purdue in time to take said course in Fall 2011, so decided to postpone returning to Purdue/US till Fall 2012 since the course is not offered in the Spring. Then, his F-1 visa had expired by the summer of 2012, so he reapplied, but due to a clerical error, his new I-20 was mailed to the wrong address, with the result that he showed up for his visa interview without an I-20. His application was understandably denied. He has finally managed to return to Purdue now, and is on track to graduating shortly.

Now the issue is that as explained above, he is presently on a new F-1 visa and an initial I-20 and is thus unable to apply for OPT - but this seems unfortunate to me since he will be completing a full 4-year undergraduate degree from a good University and I'm quite sure he'd learn and contribute a lot during OPT. I thus welcome any advice/suggestions such that he is able to leverage one year of practical training.

Thanking you in anticipation.

OPT to F1 visa again

Nov 8th 2013
Hello, i am a international student and my F1-visa will expire this December '13. I already graduated in March '13. I have applied for an OPT status and was approved, and will expire in May '14. It has been hard for me to find a job, so i am planning ahead so that i can stay here. My plan is to get another degree but this time a 4 yr course like computer science. which means i needs to go back to F1-visa status. I am in OPT right now, i've asked my DSO and she said that i just need to apply again for another F1-visa after my OPT expires. To me it sounds very easy, i know that there should be some kind of catch involve, There should be something, right? So i am asking what are the possible issue that would arise in my situation if i applied for another F1-visa?

Do I need a new f-1 visa if I have been out of the states for more than 5 months?

Nov 6th 2013

I used to be a student at Arizona State University for two semesters but I got disqualified from fall 2013 semester (which starts on August 2013) and they terminate my SEVIS records. Than, I went back to my home country in June 2013 and it's been almost 5 months since I left the US. However, I believe that I have been out of student status for only 3 months (since August 2013). So, my question is can I re-enter the US with the same unexpired VISA but with a new I-20 + new activated SEVIS number? or do I have to apply for a new F-1 Visa? or do I have to do reinstatement for my current VISA?


F1 visa query for married couple

Nov 3rd 2013
I am getting married in Nov. 2013 and me and my future wife both are planning for MS in US fall 2014.

As we came to know that marriage can decrease the chances of F1 Visa, we are considering following options.

1) We will not make legal marriage certificate in Nov. so legally we are not married at the time of visa and will make it after we both get the F1 visa .

2) We will make marriage certificate with Nov. date itself and will be honest during Visa about our marriage.

If we consider first option, do we need to inform consulate about our marriage before going to US when we both have independent F1 visa ?

Could anyone please advise if first option is safe enough and not a fraud legally or should we go for second option...?

Urgent OPT Question ! Opinion needed !

Oct 31st 2013
edit> answer found !

If current Immigration Reform, Dream Act being discussed in the House becomes law today, would I qua

Oct 27th 2013
The following is a list of specific requirements one would need in order to qualify for the current version of the DREAM Act.

-Must have entered the United States before the age of 16 (i.e. 15 and younger)
-Must have been present in the United States for at least five (5) consecutive years prior to enactment of the bill
-Must have graduated from a United States high school, or have obtained a GED, or have been accepted into an institution of higher education (i.e. college/university)
-Must be between the ages of 12 and 35 at the time of application
-Must have good moral character

I came to the United States when I was a 9 year old as a F-2, and my mother was a F-1. I went to public elementary/middle/high school here, while my mother was obtaining her Bachelors, Masters, and PHD. I switched to F-1 when I came to college (age 18) and I'm currently a senior (age 22, engineering major at a prestigious institution) looking to graduate in May 2014. So through 14 years, I have been under legal status the whole time. And being qualified for the dream act would make it so much easier for me to get a job, so that I wouldn't have to go through H/EB visa processes(extremely complicated), and let the companies know that I can work without the complications.

But for this current immigration reform, more specifically the Dream Act, it seems like the main argument point for the Dreamers illegal immigrant children is that they were too young, and had no choice nor knowledge of their situations at the time, and most of them had to follow their parents. So they argue that they need a new shot at their life.

However, it seems like I wouldn't qualify for this Dream Act just because I was maintaining my legal status and following the complicated and strict law throughout 14 years. Well, I can make the same argument that I had to follow my parent to the United States because I had no choice.

I feel like it just isn't right prioritizing the illegal immigrants in front of the legal immigrants who followed and obeyed the law, it's just a ***** slap to the legals who have worked so hard and so close to achieving their goal, yet so far.

Is there any chance that I can qualify for the dream act?

Documents proving under 90 days of unemployment

Oct 24th 2013
Hi everyone, I have a question regarding proving employment. I'm working full time now there in the first 4 months of my OPT I worked as an research assistant for my professor at my university (She wanted me to extend my thesis to make it a paper to be published).

I worked 20 hours/week but since I didn't have to come in the office everyday (I just worked at home on assignment and sent in the report/paper every week, plus we met every week to discuss the paper and assign me new things to do), I didn't have timesheet or anything. My 2 professors can verify my employment. And I had submitted my work (the paper) to the journal. Which documents should I provide the USCIS in my case? Thanks very much.

about bank statement while applying for F 1 visa

Oct 19th 2013
Am from EGYPT, am applying for F 1 visa, I got my i20 , right now I have a bank statement and affadvit of support for my date and its notarized, I obtained 2 bank statement , 1 was sent to the college in us and the other one with me, I need to know if its ok to go with it to the interview , the date of bank statement September 14, is it ok ? My interview is on october 28.
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