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marrying canadian and living in mexico

Nov 22nd 2013
my canadian fiancé and i have been living together over two years in mexico. we plan to marry in 2014 and continue to live in mexico. however at some point in the future we might choose to move back to US. what procedure should i follow to allow us the most flexibility ? at this point there is no plan to return to US but we do travel back and forth and also back and forth to canada. any help greatly appreciated..

how K3 process works

Nov 4th 2013
i am going to india to marry in 2014 march.

marry a indian citizen in india. i became us citizen in 2008

1. spouse enters on an immigrant visa or 2. spouse enters on K-3 visa

which steps is faster to bring spouse to usa.

what are the timeline in chennai embassy. after march 2014.

what are the steps.

i am gong to marry in may 2014 to a indian citizen how long process

Nov 4th 2013
i am a us citizen 24 never worked recent graduate. parents supporting me. will start working in 2014. so never have a tax return in my name.

how to apply for my spouse. how long it takes to bring her to usa.

what are the steps. can my dad sponsor her.

can i apply for tourist visa during the K visa process yes or no.

Question about I-129 & DS-160

Nov 1st 2013
Hello everyone a tall order here.

So my wife is a Canadian citizen and I am a US citizen.

We filed the I-130 about two months now.

The wait is excruciating to say the least. We decided lets look into a way you can at least come for a visit. So we decided lets try and get a visitors visa

Looked into it and it's called a DS-160 a visitors visa now do we need to file an I-129 if I want her to just come for a visit or will the DS-160 be sufficient?

and if we do need to file the I-129 I noticed online it says include form I-797 saying they received our I-130

I know they received it cause its pending approval but I don't believe they sent a I-797.

Any insight would be wonderful

Please help!

Oct 19th 2013
hi everyone - this is my first post so i apologise if i have done so in the wrong section...

im in a bit of a state of panic - ill try to be brief.

i received an email with my final visa interview for my K1 fiance visa on thursday. the scheduled date is for this tuesday at the sydney consulate.
i was instructed to pay the fees for the visa so i could schedule my interview which confused me because i had already been sent an email with the date and time which i confirmed before even proceeding to the payment of fees.

i then proceeded to create a profile and followed the steps to the payment options. i chose to pay via credit card. the fee was $240USD for each of us.
i received a message saying this was successful which included a UID for myself and 2 children.
i also received a transaction number.

my profile says i need to enter a MRV number but i do not have one since i payed via credit card.

my profile is also showing no appointments scheduled yet i have one confirmed for tuesday.

i need to book flights to the consulate from where i live and i have only 1 business day left before the interview day!

my questions are -

what is the MRV number? is it something i only needed if i paid in person?

do i need to pay an additional fee on top of the K1 visa fee to get it?

i phoned the contact us number but since they wont give case specific info the woman told me that i should attend on tuesday and bring the printed receipts and and transaction info but she didnt seem certain of what i was concerned about nor if i should be concerned.

any help would be much appreciated - talk about short notice!


Startin the K-1 application while in the US with J-1

Oct 15th 2013
Hi all,

I'm waiting for a J-1 waiver with NOS and my J-1 expires on April 31, 2014.
Let's suppose I got the waiver in December:

Can I start the K-1 visa application with my fiancè (US citizien) while I'm in the US and then come back to my country (Italy) for the interview at the embassy?

I'm asking this question in order to save time and not being away from her too much.

Thanks in advance.

I need urgent advice

Oct 14th 2013
i want to apply for a fiance visa, but my fiance lives in Europe and his visa expired. according to the fiance requirement, it states i have to had see him within 2 yrs. well i did in europe but since his visa expired and he overstayed without any legal doc, can i still put europe visit down on the form or does he have to return to his homeland country and then revisited him then apply for the fiance visa. cuz i dont want to state anything about his europe visit and then they are asking to c his passports in which it will shows he overstayed while his visa was expired.
my question is can i state i visited him in europe or does he have to return to his home country and start the whole process from there.

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Marriage Certificate for I-130

Oct 1st 2013
I can't get a straight answer. Some of the older I-130 directions say to include an certified copy or Original certificate and others say a plain photo copy of the original Marriage Certificate will do. What's the TRUTH about Marriage Certificates and I-130's? Origional/certifies copy OR photo copy??

K1- Requested of evidence

Sep 24th 2013
First thank you for reviewing my thread.

I got a request of evidence 2 week ago. Requested for the following.

Intend to marry letter from both
Photos without name, date and place
Passport without Stamp
Broading pass to visit her without year on it.

I reply back with everything i have:
letters intend to marry for me and her
Same photos with name, date and place.
A copy of miles record from airline showing the same FLY# on the broading pass -- that can proof i've fly from her place back home which show date, mont, and year.

A letter explained to them that how my passport didn't get stamp. Passport is new - I used the green card and visa to visited her place -- the airport sercurity took back the visa by the time i leave there as it a single time use.

I just went back to visited her again few week ago and summited following for the same request of evidence.
1. Copy of the passport with stamp on it.
2. New Photos with data, name and place.
3. Broading pass (on the recent trip)
4. E-Ticket(on the recent trip)

I don't know if this is going to help or i need to do anything else? Maybe file K1 again or go back home to get married and apply for wife?
If anyone been through the above please help

Please help.

Pregnant Wife, Should I file K-3 now or wait?

Sep 24th 2013
My wife is 6 months pregnant and i want to file for her K-3 visa but am not sure if i should wait until the baby is born to make things less complicated. Can I still file is she is pregnant?

K-3 Visa Ex-Pat Aid worker with baby on the way!

Sep 23rd 2013
I am an ex-pat aid worker living and working abroad in Nicaragua. My Nicaraguan wife and I are expecting our first child together December of this year. I have been working abroad for the past 2+ years and have just under a year remaining in my contract. I am currently looking into the K-3 spouse visa as a means of bringing my family back to the United States after my contract is up. I have done some research on the K-3 visa and am left with 2 questions/concerns.

1. I am wondering if we should wait to file the K-3 application until our baby is born in December. We are wanting to move forward with the process as quickly as possible but also understand the benefits of waiting. For the sake of time (remember my contract is up in <1 year) should we move forward with the application or wait until the baby is born?

2. As I am currently working abroad for a NGO (although payed through organizations US sector) my current salary is below the US poverty line. I am wondering if I can have a one of my parents co-sponsor BOTH I-134 and I-864 affidavit of support without problem.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions of comments any of you have.

K1 administrative processing jerusalem

Sep 23rd 2013

My fiance's visa has been in administrative processing since JUL 29 2013....this has been the hardest time of my life. Has anyone else been in AP with jerusalem consulate ...how long does it take?!?!!?! Any help would be great ...im starting to feel depressed...please pray for us !

IS there anyone i can call to check on the status ? who do i call , nvc ,,,uscis? anyone know?
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