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L1 related questions for Australians wanting to move to the US.

Jan 5th 2014
Hey everyone, my partner and I very much want to make the move to the USA. My wife and I are Australian citizens, and she is about to begin the process of completing her accreditation to work in the US (she's a speech therapist and works in hospitals here in Australia), but before she does we want to make sure we would both be able to get a VISA for us both to work there.

What are the requirements for an L1 VISA? Would a place like a hospital have the ability to sponsor her for a L1 VISA? I would need to be able to move over and work in the USA too (under I guess an L2 VISA?).

Thanks a lot, we really need to find out if this is possible before we spend the resources to get her US accreditation.

L2 dependent Visa

Dec 20th 2013
I am applying for my L1 visa & I have received my petition. I want to get my wife her dependent visa but her name has not been included in my petition. How do I get my wife dependent visa (L2) to come along with me to the US of A.

Stay legally after 240 day period expired

Dec 17th 2013
Dear Forum,

Here is my situation:

- I have a petition for extension of my L1A visa pending (I 129)
- My initial L1A visa was approved for 1 year and ended Oct 26 2012
- Petition for L1A extension was filed before expiration date
- Received RFE in Dec 2012 and answered RFE within the deadline (March 2013)
- Actual status is still RFE Review

- Filed the petition for I 140 and have it approved since 3 days

- To complicate things, I lost my German passport together with the I 94 about 6 months ago and have a new passport, but without the visa stamp in it and without I 94

What should I do, not to jeopardy my GC petition (either Consulate Processing or I 485)?
If the L1 A extension is denied, is my stay right now in the US considered unlawful?

Thank you so much for your help!!!

Does this scenario qualify for L1 visa?

Dec 12th 2013
I am currently employed by Allstate Canada selling insurance and I am Canadian. I am close to securing a position at an Allstate branch in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Does this scenario work for an L visa? Do they have to apply for me?

Working for family business based in india from usa on l2 visa.

Nov 29th 2013

I came USA on l2 visa, already applied for EAD.
I have a small family based business basically an online store selling indian clothes.
Can they send me a bulk shipment and i later ship them as per orders here in USA.
Basically, what i will do here is just marketing, or may be contacting some stores and supplying
There is no money involved .
DO I need any legal permissions for doing same from my home.


Option to stay in USA beyond current VISA valid date

Nov 22nd 2013
Hi Rajeev,

I am in USA on and off since 2004. As of now I have completed 6yrs and 5 month stay in USA (Since 2004 till now). I was never been out of USA for one full year. I am always on L1. Currently I am on L1A and my validity is till Feb 2015. My employer is not filing for GC for me.

I am intrested to know:
1) What are the option that I have to stay beyond Feb 2015 (Can i work with other company to file GC for me - By looking at tenure i have stayed in USA)
2) Is H1B an option for me ? (as i have completed 6+yrs in USA with out one year break)


L1B expiring in March 2014

Nov 22nd 2013

I hold a US L1B visa which is about to expire in March 2014. Till date I have not travelled to US on this visa(L1B) and spent most of the time working in my home country. Now, I am expected to travel to US on L1B in Jan, 2014 for an assignment of 1year, I have 3 questions here:
1) For what duration can I get 1-94 at port of entry in US ? Till expiry of my L1B or upto 1 year.
2) In case I get 1-94 for a short duration (say till March 2014) and then I go for L1B extension, will I have an edge as I spent most of the tenure in my home country and came to US just near L1B expiry.
3) or should I apply for new L1B in my home country and then only travel to US to avoid any complications ? If Yes, is it possible to apply for new blanket L1B before expiry of my existing L1B visa ?


L1B to H1B (COS) Resgination (TRICKY) - URGENT HELP ***********************

Nov 16th 2013
Dear Experts and Experienced Readers

I am in very tricky situation where I don't know what will happen.... Here is my case simple to understand -

L1B (Employer "A") - I94 Expired "20th Aug 2013" - now on I797C (Extension pending case with USCIS as on today)

H1B (Employer "B") -Apporved with COS effective from "1st Oct 2013"

Got to know about approval last week through Employer "B" so - Employer "B" is asking to resign immediately and start from "1st Dec 2013" even ready to pay me on bench; hoping for placement during this period.

Q1. There is overlap of 2 months pay on L1; how this will taken care in future

Q2. What happen to my L1B extension and how new employer "B" can adjust this joining

Q3. Is that really matters to start on H1B from "1st Oct" since keeping a legal status/presence on one non-immigrant visa and once rolling over with new H1B emplpyer thorgh "I9" starting on "1st Dec" - so at any given time working on only one category of visa.

PLEASE SHARE YOUR ADVISE .... I have very less time to decide

h1b transfer to L1 - URGENT

Nov 12th 2013

I have a question about my visa. Right now, I'm holding a H1B visa and the visa will be expired in OCt 2014. My current employer is going to sumbit PERM for me soon. However, I may change my job to another multinational company which I worked in China before back in 2002- 2005. I'm wondering if I could apply L1 visa as a manager for that company. I read the requirement. "Generally have been working for a qualifying organization abroad for one continuous year within the three years immediately preceding his or her admission to the United States". Is this a strick requirement or something we can adjust? I'm working in big four companys. Both companies that I'm working now and I will work are big four CAP firms. They are pretty similar.I'd like to get L1 visa and apply greencard later. Thank you!

L1A to Green Card Status - Need for visa extension and GC processing category

Oct 25th 2013
I have very simple questions, but am unable to find a definitive answer. Would be great if someone could review the same below and advise.

My visa (L1A) and I-94 expires on May 10th 2014, as also for my family (L2 visa and I94). I and family have been in this same statuses in USA (L1A and L2 respectively), since the time we came here in June 2011. My company may be in the process of filing the GC process soon.

1) Can I140 and I485 concurrently be filed under EB1 category.

2) Assuming these are filed almost immediately, would there be a need to go in for a visa extension come May 10th 2014.

3) At what stage would the GC process need to reach for the visa extension process to be skipped altogether?

4) My wife has an EAD on L2 visa and is working. Assuming the GC process is initiated, would this impact the EAD permit that she possesses.

Would be great if someone could answer the above and provide the generic steps on the way to the GC from L1A and any tips/ options to further fast track it.

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