Interview at Fairfax

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United States

I had my interview at 1:30 at Fairfax VA. Had printed my family picture at 12:50 on the way to interview it was heavy rain and reached there nick of time. We were called by an African American lady after 5 minutes after giving our oath she asked our ID and then got sign the waiver as our attorney was not with us. she asked question from my I-485 and she was very polite and calm everything was going smooth then she turn to my husband and ask about my date of birth which he forgot for few second and the then told her. She asked where you have been staying once you were visiting him he thought she is asking about her ex wife so he said i stay wit my parents somthing like and i intruped and told him that she is asking about me. I took copies of everything but she only took few i.e. child birth certificates, my bank statements for last two years showing the same address. She looked at original naturalization certificate and original child birth certificates. She asked how we met and my husband told her that he was introduced to me by his friend and we met at a coffee and then turned to me and said why dont you tell me because woman are more detailed orinated and i said when i was coming to US for the first time one of my colleague gave me my husband number and said i should ask him if i have to move around but i was not able to see him because my flights to his state got canceled due to snow and i was stuck in Chicago and i send him mail and he replied and we start talking to mails and met each other after four months which was all true and then we start dating and we been dating for four years. She asked why we got married so early after his divorce the gape was only two weeks. I only have one joint bank account and auto insurance and two kids with my husband. The interview lasted for one hour she make copies of my family picture and at the end she said we will get the decision in mail she said she dont tell the decision at spot and will review my file once agin. She did not took out my I-94 which was breaking my nerve that the might linger me on. The interview was at 1:30 and i have got an email at 8:45 that case status of I-485 was change to card ordered production and between that time i have check my mail almost 50 times. Thanks and good luck to everyone