Frequently Asked Questions - Supplement J

<div id="ui-accordion-pagebody_accordion-panel-0" class="ui-accordion-content ui-helper-reset ui-widget-content ui-corner-bottom ui-accordion-content-active" style="display: block;"><p>Use Supplement J to:</p><ul><li>Confirm that the job offered to you in Form I-140, Petition for Alien Worker, remains a bona fide job offer that you intend to accept once your Form I 485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, is approved. Beginning Jan. 17, 2017, if you are filing or have previously filed Form I-485 based on being the principal beneficiary of a valid Form I-140 in an employment-based immigrant visa category that requires a job offer, you will need to file Supplement J instead of submitting a job offer letter;</li></ul><p>OR</p><ul><li>Request job portability under INA section 204(j) to a new, full-time, permanent job offer that you intend to accept once your Form I-485 is approved.&nbsp; This new job offer must be in the same or a similar occupational classification as the job offered to you in the Form I-140 that is the basis of your Form I-485. (For more information about how USCIS determines which jobs are same or similar please <a type="application/pdf;length=209891" href=" PM-602-0122 (PDF, 205 KB)</a>: Determining Whether a New Job is in “the Same or a Similar Occupational Classification” for Purposes of Section 204(j) Job Portability (March 18, 2016 ))</li></ul></div>

Losing job after AOS I-485 interview
I had my EB2 Interview last week it went good. I did submit my offer letter and my paystubs. I am still waiting to hear back from USCIS regarding the next steps. If I end up losing my job what happens in that event? I am working with my current employer on EAD and I dont have an active H1B. Its very difficult to find another job in the current situation, since I have already submitted an offer letter will they require any other confirmation before approving?
Pros and Cons of Adjustment of Status and Consular Processing for Green Card
My H1B (6 years) was from 10/1/2004 - 9/30/2010 from 5 different companies. Company A - PD(EB3) - Jun 19, 2007, I-140 applied on July 9, 2007, I-485 filed July 17, 2007 - got laid off Oct 31, 2008. - I-140 approved on Dec 29, 2008. Moved to Canada in July 2012 and became Canadian Citizen in Apr 2017. I have been keeping Advance Parole active by visiting the USA every year. Now I want to add my family in Canada(wife(Indian Citizen with USA visitors visa) and kid(Canadian Citizen)). Do you recommend AOS for myself and Consular Processing for my family?
Changing Jobs and Supplement J
How long does the supplement J form take for approval? What happens if supplement J is denied? Can I work with the new employer without filing supplement J?

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Supplement J is essentially a replacement for employment letters. See my blog for the rules.