Frequently Asked Questions - EAD (AOS)

National Interest Waiver (NIW) Filing When Priority Date is Not Current
I am a staff in University of Pittsburgh and still have 3 more years to complete 6 yrs of my H1B. H1B sponsorship is an issue for me getting a new job. 1) When I apply for a NIW -EB2, can I simultaneously apply for I140, EAD, 485 simultaneously? 2) Although the green card date for Indians with EB2 is not current, can USCIS approve my EAD much earlier ( may be within a year) compared to approving 485 which might take several years? 3) Further can I use that approved EAD to change jobs by bypassing H1B sponsorship?
Can we Open a Company While on EAD?
1. I recently filed I-140 under EB1 as I am on L1A, my spouse is on L2-EAD, can I open a company on my spouse name? 2. When I file my I-485 do I have to provide any documents (W2, Tax Returns) related to my spouse company? 3. As USCIS has announced In person interview from 10/01/2017, what kind of questions can I anticipate if I open a new company?
I-485 Applicant Holding Multiple Jobs On EAD
1. In respect to the above, Case: I-485 pending since 4 years. Did not renew H1B as using EAD/AP. Can a primary applicant on Green card have multiple jobs on EAD ? More than one W2's simultaneous. Employer A (original) - Filed Green Card Employer B (temporary) - New Employer Work for both Employer A & Employer B. 2. Is it important to have a continued pay stub from Employer A (original company)? Can I work for Employer B for few months and then work back for Employer A? Will there be any problem during final Adjudication?
New Regulations, Effect on Layoff after I-140 Approval
1. I have I-140 approved and its more than 6 months over. My priority date is March 2011 under EB2. At this situation, if my current employer lay me off from work, what immediate step I need to do, in order to legally stay in the USA. ( Do I need to contact my lawyer to change my H1B visa status and my family status to Tourist visa or Can I change my status online or what is the option?). 2) With the new I-140 EAD regulations effective Jan 17th 2017 in place, am I eligible to apply for EAD using "Compelling circumstances EAD", if my company laid me off? As of July dates for filing for EB2 visa application is 01FEB09 , which is more than 2 years wait time for my dates to be current.
Changing employers after I-140 approval; impact on H-1, green card, H-4 EAD, etc.
Planning to change my employer. Priority Date: Sept 2014 (EB2). H1: on my 5th Year (Filed for an extension it is currently in process). My plan is to change my employer once my extension is approved but I have the following questions. I am 100% sure my employer is going to withdraw my I-140. How is my H1 transfer going to work?
The Proposed I-140 EAD Rule - FAQ's

Question 1: Redo the PERM or just the I-140. If redoing the PERM again then what's new in this regulation? 

Answer: After 180 days, you can extend H-1 even if 140 is withdrawn.

Question 2: It seems that there is no easy provision for EAD/AP for approved 140 applicants. So is there any point in waiting for this rule or Should I consider Visa stamping is only option for traveling outside US? Please suggest as I waited for a year or long thought they are going to give AP.

Inter- Country adoption by Indian couple on EAD
I have been in the US for about 10 years with my wife and a daughter. All of us are Indian passport holder and got EAD/AP. Can you please let me know if we can adopt a child from India through Inter-Country adoption process?

If you are not a US citizen, you need to adopt the child and then to possess custody of the child for 2 years (as far as I remember). Then the child can come here on H-4 or a derivative green card. 

October 2015 Visa Bulletin Confusion FAQ's
FAQ's Updated on 21 September 2015

FAQ's Updated on 21 September 2015 

Using Obama's Immigration Action to Apply for AOS/EAD
I am in L-2 Visa with an approved I-140 from my employer with a priority date of August 2012. My H-1B applications never got picked up in the lottery. My husband's 7 years of L-1A comes to an end in March 2015. So we have to go back to India. My question is, if with Obama's immigration action develops and a possibility occurs for allowing approved I-140 petitioners to apply for I-485 and EAD, what is the process for me to get an EAD while I am in India and how can I come back to US using the approved I-140?

See clip from Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna's conference call video that addresses this question.

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Immigration Impact of Crimes, Misdemeanor Conviction and Petty Offense Exception
In 2008 while I was working in gas station I was caught selling alcohol to minor. I was in student visa at that time and was getting paid in cash. This was unauthorized work. I was not arrested but went to the court and the final verdict of case came to attempt to sell alcohol to minor which falls into misdemeanor C. Right now I am in H-1B and I have filed my green card through my employment. My Labor and I-140 is approved and waiting for my PD date to be current to apply I-485. So what are my chances to get I-485 approved having that case in my past? I have got mixed answers from the attorneys I have contacted so far. Some said I should be fine and some said if USCIS ask about my work authorization at that time then my petition will be denied due to violating my F-1 status. Please let me know what you think. Will USCIS go further to ask that since you are selling alcohol on F-1, then you must have violated immigration law by being employed without work authorization?

See clip from Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna's conference call video that addresses this question.


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