CPT, OPT, Unlawful Presence

As I have used my CPT for more than 1 year at the same master level and already completed OPT for the 1st master and currently working on CPT for almost 2 years. As per Aug 8th, 2018 Memorandum Am I violating the rules and will start counting Unlawful presence from FEB 5th 2019? Or Unlawful Presence should be count from 6 months from FEB 5th 2019 which is AUG 5th 2019? If this is true then what are my options here?

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What I tell my clients is if you have already done it and you are okay with a three year bar potentiality with it again another potentiality for 212 (d) (3) waiver, which should be given in cases like this where they let you take a nonimmigrant visa even though you have a three year bar. More...



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