Going to school while I-485 is pending

My I 485 priority date is Feb 2018 (EB1B) and I am expecting as per current trend to receive my green card by December. I have greencard EAD valid until June 2021. However, I have enrolled for Fall 2020 semester in MIT to pursue a one year MS degree in System Design and Management. I am sponsored by my employer and I will be paid as a fulltime employee during this period. I will be writing a research thesis on a topic related to my company. On receiving green card, Do I need to discontinue my degree in between and immediately return to my previous position as a fulltime researcher in the company for which my greencard was filed? I

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Going to school while I-485 is pending

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In my view, there are no repercussions because there is a reason you are not joining immediately. As this is a very special circumstance, I would suggest you talk to your lawyer. FAQ in detail...



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