How can I qualify for EB-1C/International Managers or Executives

I was in USA on h1b for 11 yrs until august 2019 as senior software engineer and moved/transferred to Canada on September 2019 as software development manager, managing 5 direct reports plus 4 second level reports with the same company in USA and Canada. And now promoted as Director, software development projects support and maintenance, before completing one year as manager. Have I-140 approved and priority date is 2012 july.
1.What is my success rate of getting L1A
2. Also need to re-apply my green card in EB1C, do I need to be in USA or when I am in Canada my company can apply for this. And upon EB1C I-140 Approval can I get L1A and move to USA
3. Is this the correct time to apply EB1C in the next couple of months when 1 year completes or should I wait for visa ban to complete.

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How can I qualify for EB-1C/International Managers or Executives


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1. Please discuss your job description that is intended in the foreign country outside USA with your lawyers. Make sure you plan for it from day one because if you try to plan for it a year down the line you won't succeed.

2. You can apply an EB-1C and then transfer the priority date from another case. No problem EB-2 and EB-3 can be transferred over. You can come on L-1A. You should definitely at least get your EB-1C started as quickly as possible that my opinion.

3. There is no visa ban in starting the application.

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