How to Reset H-1 Six Years

I have a question regarding the 6-year stay on H1B if someone was in the US on L1B & later H1B. When does the clock gets reset, does it has to be 1-year stay out of USA at the time of H1B application filing OR 1 year stay out of USA between exit & re-entry in the USA?

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You have to be physically outside the USA for at least one full year. If you visit the USA during that time that is if you are here for ten days you've got to stay outside for ten extra days. If you are here too long, for eg: if in that one year you are here for seven months you might have to start the one year all over again.  


1. you have to be physically outside the USA.

2. if you visit you must keep your visit short but then add in that time to the back end of your H-1 stay outside the USA.

3. don't be here too long. 



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