Students aging out of H-4

1. My son is currently a student studying engineering at a 4 year public college in Illinois. I am working in the US on H1B, and my son is on H4. The issue is that he turns 21 next year before he would finish his final year in college, and since would age out of the H4 So what are the options he has left to continue his study Can he change to F1?
2. What are the caveats to this? Can he do the adjustment of status in the US, or does he need to travel out of the country? I've heard that F1 visa processing takes a long time to process, and there is no determinate time - he has about 14 months for him to become 21 years as of now. When inquired the college said they are not processing the I-20s for Fall 2021 now, only for Spring 2021, and have asked him to wait, what are the consequences of this ?

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1. He can change to F-1

2. You are likely to get the H-4 to F-1 conversion and he should be able to do it within the United States. You can check with them about I-20s. File as early as you can and that's the best you can do. He might be able to travel to Canada or Mexico to get his F-1 visa stamp in done. FAQ in detail...

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