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Frequently Asked Questions - EB3 Green Card

Contacting USCIS when EB-3 is Changed to EB-2

How do I contact the ">USCIS Service Centers to inform that a priority date is current, that an EB case has been upgraded from EB-3 to EB-2, or that dependents have been separated from the principal applicant’s petition?

Send an email to the Nebraska Service Center at NCSCfollowup [dot] NSC [at] dhs [dot] gov (NCSCfollowup [dot] NSC [at] dhs [dot] gov) or the Texas Service Center at TSC [dot] NCSCfollowup [at] uscis [dot] dhs [dot] gov (TSC [dot] NCSCfollowup [at] uscis [dot] dhs [dot] gov)<.  Make sure to include the Case Number and A# of the beneficiary(s).  If applicable, attached scans of any notices for the USCIS to reference.

Premium Processing for EB-1-3

Has ">USCIS provided an update on premium processing for EB-1-3 multinational managers and executives. At the ">AILA conference in Nashville, it was reported that it would be available by the end of the fiscal year.

USCIS does not anticipate expanding Premium Processing Service to include EB-1-3 multinational executives and managers for the foreseeable future.

Professional Experience for EB-3

I'm trying to apply EB-3 with skilled workers who have at least 2 years of experience. I worked with 1 firm for about 4 years after graduation. I would like to know all my experience from current firm does not count for my professional experience or not. And are there any alternative options to apply for green card?

Usually, we cannot use the experience gained with the same employer who is applying for the green card, UNLESS the job being offered for green card is more than 50% different than the earlier jobs for that employer.

Restart the green card under EB-2 category

My Labour is filed in EB-3 & my ">PD is Oct-2003. I got my ">EAD in 2007. I have a BE degree from India & a work experience of 13 years. 5 in India & 8 in USA. Am I eligible for porting to EB-2? If I file a fresh EB-2 what is the process? Is it just the Perm process & I- 140 or do I need to file I- 485 again.

People with over 5 years of exp. after a 4-year degree may be ale to restart the green card under EB-2 category and then port their PD. Basically, you are redoing the PERM and I-140 for an EB-2 level job.

EB-3 to EB-2 with the same employer

My ">PD is EB3 - Dec 2007. I have 3+2 years of education from India which is equivalent to US Bachelors. I have 3 years of experience before joining the current empoyer. Now I have more than 10 years of experience(including the experience with the current employer). I would like to know if I can apply again in EB-2 with the same employer using the experience gained from current employer.

You can, if the job offered is more than 50% different than the job you were performing so far with the same employer.

EB-3 category

I am on EB3 category and have been working in the IT sector for the last 6 years and one year ago I completed my MBA too. I am currently working as a contractor and using my ">EAD. I am on Adjustment of status right now. Is it possible to change my category from EB3 to EB2?

It is possible, but the green card will have to be started again from PERM.

Job Change after I-140

I am in the 5th year of my H1. My current employer has filed for my PERM under EB-3 category since I did not have 5 years experience before (EB-3 has 6 years backlog though EB-2 queue for me is current). I want to know is it possible to wait for I-140 approval, get 3 year extension with current employer and then switch jobs? Will I be able to get 3 more years on H1 with future employer?

It is possible and common for employer B to get H-1 extension based upon an I-140 approval of employer A. You need to speak about the details with a lawyer.

EB3 to EB2 Portability

My EB3 I-485 is pending with ">PD 06/2006. My company is willing to file the new EB2 as I have Indian equivalent Masters (3+3 years) and more experience as well as increased job responsibilities. Can I accept it and do the portability to get my EB3 PD? What is the minimum wage for EB2 category? Would my current company experience counts for new EB2 category? Any suggestions on the EB2 job responsibilities?

Theoretically, this is possible. As to the practical implications, you must speak with the lawyers who will represent you in the second green card process.

Can EB3 PD be carried to new EB2?

I filed Perm under EB3 category on 1-Oct-2008. I got an audit. As per your current Perm dates, they are processing Aug'08 audits. Can I file with same employer under EB2? If yes, can I also keep EB3 file running parallelly. Is there a way for me to carry EB3 ">PD after I-140 Approval,if I file a new EB2? I completed 4yrs 2 months on H1B already. Please suggest me if I can change my employer now to file for EB2 or not. (If there is any way i can carry my EB3 PD for EB2 or not?). My lawyer said they can not change the current EB3 file to EB2 as they did not describe it for EB2 role.

It is logically inconsistent for two jobs from the same company for the same individual. If you have a good, logical, true explanation, there is no law that says you cannot have two PERM apps for the same individual for different jobs with the same company. But you cannot transfer PD until the I-140 is approved. I see no issue with changing jobs right away. You may have just enough time.

Changing to Skilled worker

My current employer is my first job out of college. They placed me in the other worker category. Is it true that they cannot move me to a skilled worker category becuase this is my first job out of college?

If the job requires a Bach. degree, you are entitled to the skilled worker/EB-3 category.

My wife filed for Skilled Worker

My wife filed for Skilled worker (EB-3(A)(i)). Can I apply for ">NIV to visit her?

There is nothing in law that stops you from getting an NIV. But grant of visas like B-1/B-2 is completely discretionary.

EB2 or EB3

I have 7 years of experience with 3year bachelors degree + 2year masters degree from India.Job for which my GC is being filed is Bachelors degree+6yr experience. As per knowledge from different online sources 3year bach. degree+2year masters degree+5years progressive,post-masters exp.- Is considered as EB-2 Professionals with Advanced Degrees.My lawyer is saying since my bachelors(India)is a 3yr program & US bachelors degree is a 4yr program so my case falls under EB3 & not EB2. She also specified that under EB2 category the educational degree must be from a "single source" & not from combination of degrees.

Generally speaking, if BS and MS are in the same or similar fields, you should be able to combine them to arrive at a 4-year degree for EB2 purposes. You should have a shot at EB2.

EB3 to EB2 and I-140 Refile

I have worked for Company A and got my labor certificate(Approved in May 2009) and I-140(Approved in Nov 2009 under Eb-3). But company A got acquired by Company B. Company B bought major part of the assets from Company A. Both companies do same kind of business.

1. The new company B is in same County and State(but different cities).
2. I Will be doing similar or same work in a similar position.
3. H1B transfered from Company A to Company B.
1) Can company B use Company A Labor certicate and refile the I-140 again?
2) Since Company A filed I-140 on EB-3, Can Company B refile I-140 on EB2?

Generally speaking, I see this as a good opportunity to start a new PERM under EB2 and then transfer the priority date. Speak with your lawyers.

EB2 from EB3 qualification

I am currently petitioned under EB3 (for embassy interview already) but unfortunately is caught up with the retrogression. Can I apply for an EB2 visa? I have a Bachelor's degree (BSN), took up Medicine (equivalent of a master's degree in academe) and currently is a faculty/administrator in one of the top nursing schools in Manila, going on 5 years of service. I am likewise a PhD student (Major in Biology) in one of the top university also in Manila. Am I qualified for an EB2? If yes, is EB2 a family based peition? My parents live in New Jersey. Thank you.

The term "EB" means employment-based. EB-2 is available for people with post graduate degrees (by US standards) OR a 4 years bach. degree with five years of progressively responsible experience. You need to speak with your lawyers about applying for an EB-2 and transferring your priority date.

Watch out - the prioirty date cut off in March was effective immediately

The April 2009 Visa Bulletin was issued on March 9th. The VB said the visa numbers for EB3 were unavailable with immediate effect (Philippines retrogressed to 2003).

This is highly unusual. The visa bulletin is a forecast for the month ahead and does not take effect immediately. But State Department says that this one was of immediate effect.

What does this mean?

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