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Discussion Topics, Thursday 11 January 2018:

FAQ: Submitting adjustment of status, form I-485, When the applicant is in between projects/not working || H-4 EAD rules change and H-1B extensions rules change || Change in job title after getting a green card approval || Transferring H-1B while an RFE is pending || How to find an accredited university to get Master’s degree to process an EB-2 green card. Other: Wage requirements under the H-1B LCA ||Converting back to H-1B from a compelling circumstances EAD ||Extending H-1B from outside the USA with an approved I-140 || RFE pending delay in an adjustment of status case || Applying for adjustment of status while in authorized period of stay||Status while an H-1B extension spending ||Questions about EB-5 green card through investment/investment visa ||H-1B quota exemption if approved within

EB-5 Investment Green Card Services and Fees

The fee schedule for EB-5 Direct Investment (fees are payable by personal or corporate checks) is as follows:

1. Legal Fees (for our Office):

$10,000 payable as follows for preparing I-526 Immigrant Petition: $5,000 at the commencement of the case and the rest in two monthly installments of $2500, to be paid on the 1st day of each month following the month in which the case is opened by the Law Offices.

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Current Immigration/Visa Options for Entrepreneurs

What are the requirements to get a visa and green card as an international entrepreneur? Is the start-up visa effective?

Watch the Video on this FAQ: Current immigration/visa options for entrepreneurs

Video Transcript

A few options for Entrepreneurial Visas:

Unless the context shows otherwise, all answers here were provided by Rajiv and were compiled and reported by our editorial team from comments and blog on immigration.com

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Substantial transcription for video: 

Discussion Topics, Thursday 5 October 2017: FAQ: Current immigration/visa options for entrepreneurs || Immigration consequences of a denial of entry at the airport || Status of H-4 EAD litigation/suit ||

Other: Status change while another application is pending (H-1, H-4) || RFE issued AFTER H-1 approval || I-485 Advance Parole staying in the USA after I-94 expiration || Change in job titles effect on green card and H-1 || VAWA for H-4 || Responding to level 1 wage on H-1 RFE || Timing etc. of green card application while H-1 is still in process || Citizenship, effect of non filing of taxes ||Applying for green card for step daughter || I-140 approval uncertain || Effect on H-4 EAD when H-1 loses job || H-4 EAD rule litigation || I-94 approval duration discrepancy || Time lines in green card || Level 1 wage issues

Extension of Investor Visas, Religious Visas, Conrad 30 for Physicians

We are being informed that EB-5 investments in regional centers are now possible until December. The date has been extended.
1) Is this true?
2) Given that a green card is available years after the initial investment, in the current volatile immigration climate, how safe is an EB-5 ?

True. The EB-5, the religious visa programs and Conrad 30 waives for foreign physicians have been extended until 8 December 2017 pursuant to H.R. 601 – Continuing Appropriations Act, 2018 and Supplemental Appropriations for Disaster Relief Requirements Act, 2017.

Unless the context shows otherwise, all answers here were provided by Rajiv and were compiled and reported by our editorial team from comments and blog on immigration.com

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Regional Center Termination Notices

USCIS is now proactively publishing Regional Center termination notices as they become available, which is consistent with a commitment to transparency in the EB-5 program. This is an important step in assisting investors, the EB-5 industry, and the public to understand the reasons why a regional center has been terminated and what types of regional center activities may trigger the end of a regional center’s designation.

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FAQ: Successor in interest, effect of location change on green card; EB-5 investment-based green card loan, collateral, ownership; How soon can I leave the employer after green card approval; DUI/DWI visa revocation; EB-2 for nurses; What should employees do when employer convicted of visa fraud. 

Other: I-94 expiring- passport duration; Children born within a few days after green card approval; H-1B amendment - change of location or project; H-1B cap exemption; Travel during STEM OPT extension; Opening a non-profit while on H-1; Physician (FMG) using H-4 EAD; H-4 extension; etc.


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