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USCIS Announces Revised Procedures for Determining Visa Availability for Applicants Waiting to File for Adjustment of Status

USCIS, in coordination with Department of State (DOS), is revising the procedures for determining visa availability for applicants waiting to file for employment-based or family-sponsored preference adjustment of status. The revised process will better align with procedures DOS uses for foreign nationals who seek to become U.S. permanent residents by applying for immigrant visas at U.S. consulates and embassies abroad.

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Discussed: Gap in status (H-4); EB-3 or EB-2 PERM distinction; BALCA appeal times; obtaining copy of I-140 receipt/approval FOIA; options to work after 6 years of H-1; Sponsoring green card while living outside the USA; OPT issues; CR-1 to IR; Obamacare and affidavit of support; cross-chargeability; E-1 visa; H-1B amendment; H-1 quota issues; multiple H-1 approvals; continuous residence for US citizenship/naturalization; I-140 revoked priority date; green card for researchers; etc.

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Discussed: FAQ - H-1B Employee, telecommuting/working from home, Applying for H-4 EAD while H-4 is pending.
Also: TN working as independent contractor, unlawful presence proof of legal entry I-94, H-1B quota, physicians’ H-1, converting EB-3 to EB-2, I-130, H-1 extension, MSA and area of intended employment, changing consulate location for visa interview, naturalization, OPT and F-2, etc.

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Discussed: FAQ: Refiling I-140 using old PERM (after 180 days); 
Calculating recapture time for H-1; Form I-864, affidavit of support; maintaining green card; green card for parents; H-4 EAD; L-1 to F-1 to H-1; H-1 COS denial; simultaneously filing H-1 amendment and extension; H-1B amendment out of status; starting business on H-1; appeal/MTR against H-1 denial; marriage on B-1/B-2 visa; OPT eligibility; medical insurance; eligibility for naturalization; eligibility for EB-1C green card;

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FAQ: Simultaneous filing of H-1 amendment and extension, Green card through a future job, H-1 employer not paying, TN applying for green card.
Other Questions: Green card for relocated employee, H-1 time recapture and extension, Naturalization, L-1A and EB-1C, H-1B amendments, PERM and mesan tested benefits.

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Discussed: CSPA for EB-3 to EB-2; H-1B amendments; Marriage on B-2 visa/H-4; Consequences of travel without advance parole; Following to join process; H-1B liquidated damages contracts; Moving temporarily abroad while I-485 is pending; Relocation while green card is pending; Checking which MSA we are in; What is an H-1 amendment? Getting student visa while green card pending; L-2 EAD, etc.


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