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Green Card Lottery

The Journey starts

Well I managed to wrestle my way through cluster-crap Dar es Salaam traffic today and made it to the US Embassy at 1:45pm and was immediately whisked in.

When I walked into the consular section I was flabbergasted by the number of people there (I could easily count 50 people) and knew I'd be there for at least 2-3 hours.

Anyway the guard who ushered me in told me to go hand my green pickup slip at the counter which I did and was told to sit and wait.

Literally two minutes later my name was called up and the pleasant consular assistant handed me my sealed envelope, passport and USCIS fee payment information paper and told me that I had to pay $165 to obtain the Green Card and if I was changing address then I had to notify USCIS and Homeland Security. She wished me luck and I left the Embassy quicker than I got there.

I'm all packed/booked and I leave with Emirates on Saturday evening at 5pm reaching Dubai at 11:30pm and get on my connecting flight to Dulles at 2:30am arriving the next morning at 8:30am.

My thoughts are with those still awaiting DV2013 interviews and those with upcoming DV2014 interviews. Ensure your documents are well prepared and you have savings and you'll be fine.

Watch this space as I will be keeping you all posted on all matters I undertake from the moment I get there.

All the best to everyone and God Bless!

DV Lottery Interview Experience

Hello people.

i had my interview a month ago and due to sputum test thing i had to wait till today for the results.
they sent my medical report to embassy and tomorrow i am going to send my passport to embassy for temporary visa.
i had my interview with my wife, and we waited like 2 hours before the interview.

my wife and i were married after i won the lottery by the way.
we got lots of photos with us to Ankara. 

We wanted to have our interview in Turkish but the guy did not know that much Turkish that's why we did the interview in English. He was a nice person.

We first swore.
At phone, when we called the embassy before the interview when we were making our documents ready, they said to me that it was not necessary to get bank documents which showed transactions from 1 year before. my wife got those documents in case, and they wanted those documents(transaction documents) during the interview. 

after we gave that document, he asked me some questions.

He asked : What are you planning to do there?
I said : i am planning to work as a software developer

He asked : where are you planning to go?
i said : to San Francisco.

He asked : when did you meet?
I said : 2011 August something.
My wife said : No, it was december 2010. we met at december and started dating at august 2011.
I said : oh ok. 

and then he said that everything was fine and to send our passports after the medical report was ok.

he did not want any photos or something, i think it was because we were nice as a couple or something .

and a question : i will send our passports tomorrow. how long does it take for the visa?

State Department Releases Instructions for the 2015 Diversity Immigrant Visa Program

Online registration for the DV 2015 Program will begin on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 12:00 noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT-4), and conclude on Saturday, November 2, 2013 at 12:00 noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT-4). See the attached Diversity Visa Program Instructions for the DV 2015 Instructions and any available translations.

DV 2013 Visa Interview Experience, Kathmandu Nepal


Here is my DV visa interview experience. It was a success.

Embassy: Kathmandu, Nepal

CO: Male, Mid 30s
Interviewee (Me): Male, Mid 20s, Single.

CO: What is your name ?
CO: What did you study ?
CO: Why did you go to that college ? (college was in India)
CO: What do you do now ?
... (I said I used to work as .....)

CO: Why did you leave the job ?
... (I said to for this interview, had to leave the country of job and come prepare documents)

CO: What if you don't get visa ? 
... Sir, then I will do something else.

CO: You, don't have to do 'something else'

... (I was little confused, didn't understand first, then got his point)

CO: You qualify for the visa. Please come on after 3 days to collect your visa packet

*** Important information for Nepalese candidates ***

Please take little more money than what the exchange rate says. While the exchange rate was around 97 Rs/$, they charged us at 100 Rs/$. (Thankfully I had just enough -- after emptying my pockets).

Also please see if your photo is valid and good. Lot of people were sent back to get new photographs. 
Don't wear glasses (even though US website says its fine). Don't have any part of your hair cut from photo (for peole with long/curly/wavy hairs).

All the best to everyone.....

DV- Visa Interview Experience

My second successful interview experience!!!!!!!!!!
Come and join me singing halleluyah,jehovan jareh has done it again for me.

Thank you everybody for your prayer upon me and to the shame of the Devil,I have made it again.

Initially,I had a successful interview on Tuesday and was given Visa pick up letter against 22nd March but latter called this morning that I need to come to Embassy by 1pm so i quickly went ther cos i didt know what was it.

On getting to the Embassy after the normal security check again,my first pick letter was collected from me and was given another Visainterview ticket.This is my second interview experience today;

The same Co that interviewed me on Tuesday called me window 11:

Me:Good afternoon
Co:Good afternoon
Co:where is your Old passport
Me :what?
Co:The old passport u used in 2006
Me:It got burnt
Me:I explained
Co :who gave u the passport
Me:My former company for Training Visa but was denied then
Me:Explained in detail the company name and the kind of training we wanted to go for in USA then
Co:Ok.Pick up your Visa next week Thursday (24th March,2011)and he gave me another pick up letter
Me:Thank you very much.

Praiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee God everybody cos God did not allow the wish of the enemy to come to pass in my life.I glorify the name of the Lord for this wonderful experience and I know that the SAME GOD THAT WAS,HIS AND FOREVERMORE IS ALWAYS WITH US ON THIS FORUM AND WE WILL CONTINUE TO PRAISE HIM AND SHOUT FOR JOY ALL THE TIMES.

Thank you my fellow members I really appreciate your unrellent prayers for me and to ALL other members going for interviews that the Lord will show them favour in the face of the Consular officer in Jesus name,AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DV- Visa Interview Experience

My Glorious and God favoured interview experience at last!
We got to the Embassy as early as 5:45am and we all waited till around 7am when they started calling people according to categories; Dv, and other Visa application cadres.
After the usual security check, payment and submission, we were called to window 11 by a young handsome good looking American guy 4 our interview.
Me and wife: gud morning sir!(with smile)
Co: gud morning(with a normal face, no smile)
Co: do u swear to tell the truth today?
Me & wife : We promise
Co: told my wife to do Fingerprint and latter asked her to go and stay behind window 8
My wife :she left to stay-by window 8 as instructed by the Co
Co: Told me to do fingerprint
Me: Fingerprint was taken
Co: u are here because u were selected 4 further processing
Me: yes
Coo u wish to qualify tru Experience or Education?
Me: Tru Education
Co: wats ur highest educational qualification?
Me: university degree
Co: wat school?
Co: when did u graduate?
Me: I told him
Co: wat course did u do?
Me: Electrical/Electronic engineering
Co:did u do a project?
Co:wat was it?
Me: Design and Construction of Laminating Machine
Co: tell me about it
Me: i did...................
Co: tell me the courses u did in ur final year?
Me: i did.....................
Co: tell me about Computer Architecture
Me: i did
Co: Did u serve (NYSC) where & what did u do during the service year??
Me: i did & explain better what I did
Co: started typing
Co: Asked me when and how I met my wife and when I proposed marriage to her and when we got married?
Me: i explained............
Co: Ask about the pictures and pointed to some pple in the pics
Me I explained whom they are to him?
Co:Asked me what I will do when I get to USA?
Me:I told him that I will work
Co:Asked me the nature of work
Me:I told him
Co: Asked me How my host got to USA and where she is staying in USA
Me: I explained to him
Co: ok
That was how it went my Dear colleagues (Brothers and sisters) and he gave me the pick up letter for our VISAS’.


I decree that the good Lord that did this in our life will do the same in the life of ALL pple awaiting interviews in IJN, AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOTE:ALWAYS REMEMBER TO PRAY,GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS.Pls when u get to the Embassy before the call check inn and other security checks and before the Co face to face, JUST BE PRAISNING AND WORSHIPING GOD FROM THE BOTTOM OF UR HEART, this is what we did truout our staying at the Embassy and the Lord favoured us mightily. God favoured me and I was able to answer all the questions the Co asked me widaout missing words.

My wife was not asked any questions at all, apart from the Fingerprint she did.

WE SHALL ALL CONTINUE TO CELEBRATE ON THIS FORUM IN JESUS NAME, AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

Interview Experience for DV 2013 AOS

OK, did our interview today (FO: Chatsworth, CA) - here is a brief summary:
- there were a lot of people and we were called in approx. 2 hours after our original appointment time. The officer was very nice and apologized for the long wait.
- he asked us very few questions, since all paperwork was in our files 
- he made copies of our IDs and passports
- double checked our electronic file
- he secured a DV # for us and provided us with a welcome letter 
- said that the GC will arrive in three weeks, but most likely earlier 

In a nutshell: quite a long wait before the interview (expect your appointment time to be an approximate), very nice, courteous, and well versed in DV cases officer, very few questions, and we did not have to prove/provide anything in addition to what was already in our file. 

As you can see in my signature and earlier posts, our interview was scheduled one month and 22 days after the AOS packet was received, we have yet to receive our EAD and AP, and we did a bio walk-in almost three weeks before it was originally scheduled. 

Our case status now changed for acceptance to decision. 

We will now be awaiting the arrival of the mailman everyday  

Again, thank you for all the help and assistance and we wish you all good luck. If we can be of any assistance, do not hesitate to PM us.

Rajiv's Interview with Voice of America - US Green Card Lottery Under Threat


WASHINGTON — The popular Green Card Lottery program could be eliminated if the U.S. Congress passes the current version of the bipartisan immigration reform plan. The lottery was set up as a way to give anyone a chance at the "American dream." But the new plan will focus instead on adding more highly-educated workers in science, technology, engineering and math.

Two years ago Rafiq-ul-Islam won a U.S. permanent resident visa through the Green Card Lottery and came to the United States from Bangladesh -- with little more than the clothing he owned and a dream of a better life in America.  

“I apply for [and] came [to] America. I want to change my luck. If I can change my luck I can support my family, everything, all will be changed, everything like, that’s why I applied,” he said.

The late Senator Edward Kennedy came up with the idea for a visa lottery system in the 1990s -- as a way to give opportunity to European and other countries with low immigration quotas. The lottery program -- officially known as the diversity visa -- is relatively small, granting about 50,000 visas compared to the more than one million new green cards issued each year.

The lucky winners like ul-Islam must pass a background check, but need only a high school degree or work experience to qualify.  Immigration attorney Rajiv Khanna says the diversity visa has come to symbolize core American values.

“But United States is blessed and perhaps cursed with that unique vision we have, that we are as a nation, a citizen of the world community.  And we have to accommodate certain things in good conscience and good faith rather than as a matter of self-interest,” Khanna said.

But under the proposed immigration reform plan being considered by the U.S. Congress, the diversity visa faces elimination.  Instead, the plan would expand opportunities for professionals like Bhushan Parekh who hold advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering and math.  Parekh’s H-1B professional visa was sponsored by a major U.S. company.

“Because I had done the engineering in India, the 4-year degree, and I’d also worked in India for a year after.  During the interview process it was very apparent to them that I had the management skills they were looking for,” Parekh said.

Some members of Congress oppose eliminating the diversity visa -- saying the U.S. should give some opportunity to the world's poor and disadvantaged.  But, in these hard economic times, Khanna says fairness is no longer the priority.

“So diversity by itself is no longer the virtue that we seek in our current immigration system as proposed.  What we seek instead is, ‘What can you do for us?,’” Khanna said.

Khanna says while U.S. businesses are lobbying for more professional visas, the poor from developing countries have no such powerful sponsors.

FY 2014 Diversity Visa Lottery Results Are Now Available

DV 2013 Program: Entrants from DV 2013 (those who submitted entries during the registration period between October 4, 2011 and November 5, 2011) are requested to check the status of their entry now using their confirmation number through Entrant Status Check (ESC) on the E-DV website<</a>, if they have not already. Checking ESC promptly is important for selectees, to provide ample time for next steps in the Diversity Visa application process. ESC continues to be available to entrants through September 30, 2013.

DV- Kenya Interview Experience

My interview was scheduled for 8.00am i was there @ 6.30 which was early but its good , they dont allow you in until 30mins to your time.
it wasnt as cold, i had a running stomach.. for some reason my stomach started aching
We were searched at the gate as we entered the compound ( make sure you have your appointment letter and passport out)

o the second entrance , a lady confirms your appointment again , you queue not for long the the last security check ( all phones off), you leave your phone here and given a tag.

finally you walk along mowed grass to the main entrance, a lady takes your ppassport and appointment letter, at this point you are give a number mine was C423 you are made to wait outside until your no is called. give you original documents for scrutiny make payments and wait..if you have forged documents this is the moment you should start running away..

finally i was called to window 9 am lucky coz most guyz goin to window10 were either denied or put on AP(ni mzungu ako hapo)
i was interviewed by a black lady and from the accent i realized she is Kenyan..she had a serious face but she knows her job too well..
the interview went like this..

CO: raise your hand ... do you swear to tell the truth n ..nothing but the truth?
Papa: Yes
now at this moment she started typing .................................at this point i felt i had it already...and relaxed no questions for close to 2 mins
CO: are you single
papa: yes
CO: Any kids ?
Papa: YEs i have a son with my ex
CO: DO you support your child ..
Papa: Yes
co: his name please
Papa: blabla....
co: thats very impressive American government loves children
(guys if you have a child please and you may want him to join you in the future, kinldy say the truth..a child must not suffer coz you didnt agree with the mother)
CO: heighest qualification?
Papa: bal bla
CO: where do you intend to stay
Papa: blabla
Co: your relation with host?
Papa: blabla
Co: where do you work?
Papa: blabla
Co: your designation?
Papa: blabla
CO: your visa has been granted,!
finally she gave me a piece of paper on how to pay the USCIS , she further told me i can pay when i arrive but its advisable to pay before i live

I will be around for a while now that i dont have pressure maybe travel in may!
Blessing to makiki, karendi, obeezy, neckelly, dubai-B, frank80 and all other that i haven't mentioned ...It shall be well
just speak the truth and the truth shall set you free!!

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