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Nonimmigrant Visas: 
United States
<SPAN style=”RIGHT: auto”>&nbsp;I have worked with Mr. Khanna’ Law Firm for over&nbsp;12 years now, in many ways, either through having my questions answered (when I was still a student), to getting my work visa done, or most recently, for visitor’ visa inquiries / clarifications. Mr. Khanna and his team, have ALWAYS&nbsp;provided me with&nbsp;their valuable time and advice very graciously. Their 15 minutes of a conference call time to answer / address&nbsp;a&nbsp;question / issue, mean a lot to people who are on the receiving end. While there are many Lawyers / Attorneys who provide such services to their communities, I hardly know of ANY Law Firm who do so regularly,&nbsp;have done so for many, many years, and will continue to provide such&nbsp;services even in the future, including to those who are NOT their <SPAN style=”RIGHT: auto”><SPAN style=”RIGHT: auto”>clients</SPAN></SPAN>. There could be many instances when an individual is not able to pay the consultation fees. If it is&nbsp;not an abuse of his time and a genuine, sincere&nbsp;request has been made, Mr. Khanna and team WILL work out a way to provide those consultation services free of cost. Why so? Because, this is THEIR PASSION, … to help people in the community. I personally admire this gesture and professionalism.</SPAN>&nbsp; <P style=”RIGHT: auto” id=yui_3_2_0_22_1343615253942610>Very recently, I had specific and some general questions regarding B-2 visa <SPAN class=mark>RFE’s</SPAN> for my Mother, who has been here under medical and humanitarian grounds, for quite a few years&nbsp;. This being the 2<SPAN class=mark>nd</SPAN> <SPAN class=mark>RFE</SPAN> that I have received, put me into some worries, <SPAN style=”RIGHT: auto”><SPAN>questioning</SPAN></SPAN> the Agency’ motives as to why such <SPAN class=mark>RFE</SPAN>’ after so long when all the <SPAN style=”RIGHT: auto”><SPAN>required</SPAN></SPAN> documents were handed to <SPAN class=mark>USCIS</SPAN> each time the application/petition was sent for a renewal. Clearly the Agency wants to get a clear picture about my Mother’ health condition, and the costs associated with that and who is paying for her support so that she doesn’t become a public burden. Her health condition doesn’t allow for her to travel and the notion of her separation from me,&nbsp;due of the care that I give to her, makes her physical&nbsp;condition worse. Not to mention, that the most recent economic&nbsp;downturn has put me into some dire situations, conditions to provide for medical support. She did&nbsp;receive state’ help for her medical expenses recently. I’m worried for this situation, which I wasn’t earlier. It was for this reason, I contacted Mr. Khanna,&nbsp;and he provided me with his valuable answers, the&nbsp;best approach to answer such <SPAN class=mark>RFE</SPAN>, and what to do next. <P style=”RIGHT: auto” id=yui_3_2_0_22_1343615253942612>I CANNOT thank Mr. Khanna and his <SPAN style=”RIGHT: auto”><SPAN>whole</SPAN></SPAN> team much.&nbsp;It was so nice to have talked with Rena W. after many years, and to know that some of the team members, like Ana B.&nbsp;with whom I had worked earlier,&nbsp;are still there, providing their excellent services. <P id=yui_3_2_0_22_1343615253942614>I was first referred to&nbsp;Mr. Khanna&nbsp;by one of&nbsp; my friends, who also got his work visa and permanent residency done through Mr. Khanna. I can certainly refer anyone, to Mr. Khanna’ Immigration Offices, to receive excellent and prompt services, anytime, without any hesitation. <P id=yui_3_2_0_22_1343615253942616>Thank you for all that you do, for the community and its people. My very best wishes. <P style=”RIGHT: auto” id=yui_3_2_0_22_1343615253942618>&nbsp;</P>