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Ashok Oli
United States

Before applying for my EB2 Green card processing in early 2013, I started shopping for the best attorney at the reasonable market price. Finally, I learned that Rajiv Khanna is one of the best in my local area. I also was able to find few friends who consulted with Rajiv on their immigration matters. They highly recommended him. That is one of the reasons why I hired him for GC application. 

During and after the process, I had found everyone at his office including paralegal, administrative assistant and last but not least Rajiv are fantastic, highly professional and very clear about what to expect.  They reply to my email within 24 hours, and return my voice message promptly as well. Such professionalism always made me believe that I was in the good hand and I barely got worried about my outcomes.  

Like everyone else, I also was in the rush to file my labor during the early stage and I was putting little pressure on Rajiv's team. Rajiv contacted me and spent around 2 minutes (that’s an average time you can expect to spend during consultation as well because he is so smart and knowledgeable that he wraps up his answers in carefully selected few words).  I do not forget what he said. Something like this -- "We would like to make sure that everything is proper order and perfect before we file anything so that you don't get RFE's in the future. And, if you are not happy with our approach, please feel free to secure somebody else."  

I was so impressed with his reply that I decided to continue with Rajiv till the conclusion of the process.  That was one of my smart moves. I never got an RFE and the entire process took me less than 10 months to complete the entire process. I would like to thank everyone in Rajiv's team for assisting me with my process, and I highly recommend him if you are looking for a well-seasoned, smart and result oriented immigration attorney.

Posted on: 
9th Jan, 2014
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