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A. Pai
United States

After having my case botched up by a local lawyer, I restarted the process by retaining the services of the Law Offices of Rajiv Khanna. With just about a year remaining on my 6-yr H1 period, the Law Offices was able to help me file an LC just in time to be eligible for n-th year H1 extensions. During the Aug 07 filing crush, despite an error on my part, Prerna displayed great patience in accepting my 485 packet only a week prior to the Aug 17 2007 deadline. The 485 was filed on Aug 15 2007 and I received the approval notice and the plastic card last week. I highly recommend this law firm - their professional treatment of clients (both petitioners and beneficiaries) and Rajiv's empathetic responses to questions on the ForClients website really makes life easier for those going through this process.