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United States

We are delighted to share that my wife and me both got the green card in the mail.

Once again thanks a zillion times from bottom of our hearts for Rajiv and his teams support and help during this long and painful process.Initially our case was handled by various other team members but lately our case was assigned to Mathew and Rita.I would like to sincerely thank Mathew,Rita and Pramita (our earlier case manager) for their support and help.All the team members were professional, courteous,prompt,patiently answered all our questions and helpful which makes ton of a difference.We didn't get an even single RFE.

May god bless you all for doing such an excellent job.Keep up the good work.

Our case was filed in August 2004 in EB2 category.Later it was transferred to Dallas BackLog Center.After 3 years in 2007 our first stage(Labor) was approved and just in time for July'07 fiasco filing.Rajiv asked us to be prepare with all the documentation for 140&485 concurrent filing during turmoil period.There was lot of uncertainty, chaos due to July/August 2007 Visa Bulletin.During that crisis time Rajiv and his team not only guided us very well but also came up with an innovative idea of opening up a new web site exclusively for their customers to share the information and to answers all our concerns. Rajiv and his team is very particular and prompt in answering all the questions via above mentioned web site.It provided lot of update and information about how the team was handling such crisis situations and also helped us better understanding the BIG picture.

Based on our personal experience for the past 4 years+ I would highly recommend Rajiv and his team for any immigration needs.