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EB1 - Outstanding Researcher

We won this case for an applicant with over nine years of research experience.  His Ph.D. work was highly regarded throughout the industry.  The applicant provided evidence of his extensive publication record with over 30 publications.  Experts noted that his work was innovative and contributed largely to the research community.

EB1 - Outstanding Researcher

We won a case for Outstanding Researcher for applicant with 12 years of field experience as well as multiple years teaching.  We were able to provide 14 letters of recommendation.  The applicant had 14 publications in prestigious international journals.  Experts in the field described candidate as “one of the few to reach the very top of the field.”


EB1 - Outstanding Researcher and EB2 - National Interest

We obtained both and Outstanding Researcher and National Interest Waiver for this applicant.  Based on his strong academic record and exceptional work experience we were able to obtain letters of recommendation from leading experts around the world.  The applicant was currently working for one of the most prestigious research/teaching institutes in the world.  His innovative research was noted internationally and he had multiple scholarly articles in well-respected journals.  He also held membership in leading professional societies.&nbs


O1 followed by EB1 - Outstanding Researcher

We first obtained an O1 for this applicant by identifying his talents and expertise to be a cut-above his colleagues with similar educational and work experience.  This applicant received a prestigious international award which set him apart from other research scientists in his field.  He was noted for ground-breaking work in drug addiction research.  We obtained recommendation letters from world experts and they noted that this applicant was one of the few researchers in the field who had achieved the highest level of success and had become

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Processing Times Involved in NIW

You can change employers any time if you are a self-applicant and will continue to work in your stated area of national interest.  But NIW priority date will take the same time as a normal EB-2 application does.  See: 

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Guestbook Entry for Puja M.C., United States

Puja M.C. 
United States

I was referred to Rajiv Khanna's law firm by a friend. I filed and recently got my marriage-based green card through him. I had talked to one lawyer before Rajiv ji and consulted with Rajiv ji for a second opinion. Rajiv ji went beyond my list of questions and provided information and suggestions that I wasn't looking for and didn't even know existed (They say "You don't know what you don't know" for a reason). He was confident, kind, and professional. He even gave me an emergency appointment on a Friday morning when I was just an hour away from the airport, rushing to get on the flight back home to another country. When I was hesitant to take his advice, he said "If my daughter was in your place, I would have given her the same advice." I hung on to those words, stayed back in the country, got married, his firm filed my paperwork in time and I got my GC within 2 weeks of the interview. If it wasn't for Rajiv ji's firm and timely advice, I can't imagine how this immigration process would have turned out for me. I'm thankful to Heather Riddick for staying on top of things and being accessible to answer questions. Rajiv ji, you are doing a great job! May God bless you with a long and healthy life so you may continue to help many more people.

O-1 for Pharmaceuticals Scientist

We have received an approval for an O-1 for a pharmaceuticals scientist employed by a small company.  The case was approved without an RFE where we clearly showed the advanced nature of the work and the qualifications of the beneficiary.  The outcome of O-1 visa petitions is always unpredictable, and, as a practical matter, more so where the employer is a very small company.  Despite its size, the company was engaged in highly specialized and advanced level work.  In addition to the beneficiary’s qualifications, the nature of the work

O-1 approved
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